Thursday, December 30, 2010

shledding fun

earlier in the day (Christmas), Andrew thought it'd be fun to snowboard down the shledding hill.

Good thing he's still quite resilient...must be all that sweetened/condensed milk in his coffee.


Tree Smear...thankfully, it looks much worse than it was....E is a bit of a daredevil too.

Beck says Two Thumbs WAY UP!

David, Levi and Nora


Will and Levi

One word: Waverly.
nuff said.

Ethan was very attached to this clothes basket. I even gave it a whirl a couple times and it was amazingly smooth.

we're nuts

My favorite picture of Becky...biting the powder! needless to say, she bounced right back and wasn't even sore the next day.

Will liked to scare us all and go down the ravine.

Becky, showing us her mad shledding skills.

Andy set aside his California ways (palm trees, 80 degrees and perpetual sunshine) to humor the Indiana Eskimos for a bit...he's a bit of a daredevil.

David, Will and Levi!

E and Nora

If it wasn't for Becky's feet, we'd have been eating tree bark.

Will was the official mule boy for this pack of females. running them back up the hill after a quick slip down the hill.

working on their model faces while shledding.

I will have to look thru the pix of the shledding adventure to put more on...there are sooo many. This is a good start, right?

As you have read, unless you are just here for the pictures, I have referred to this time-revered activity as "shledding". We have done this since our childhood. Don't ask why.

I think it goes back to our Michigan roots.

Anyways, I shall be back later with more Christmas day pix that Tom took...again, all these pix above belong to him. He takes great pix, don't you think?

Until then, more coffee is in order to get thru this toothache filled day of recovery....argh.


Tory said...

Nice shledding pix. They make me see the fun in snow. Thanks, Tom!

Anonymous said...

How fun! We have our annual shledding part on Josiahs b-day......always enjoy seeing your fun family!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! We live in different years for a few hours any way, cool, huh?
((hugs)) shellee

Melissa said...

I love that you "shled" in a clothes basket! I will have to keep that in mind with our kiddos. Little Ani would love that!!