Monday, June 21, 2010

My favorite (and only) picture from Father's Day.

David's parents live in no-man's land.

That's cool by's peaceful and a pleasant place to visit.

Their drive way is about, ohhh, 2 miles long. no kiddin'.

When you round the second corner, you start down the actual drive to their cabin. I'll admit, when we lived there 16 years ago, it freaked me out.

THIS van is what greeted our 2nd corner rounding yesterday. I thought "OH, this is rich"

The boonies are really goin' down hill.

This was actually something that my bro in law Nathan was involved in. For someone's bachelor party..I never did hear the entire story but according to Katrina, when she and Matt were out at the Cabin a few weeks ago, there was actually a TREE stuck in the middle.

I really wish I could've seen THAT.

so there you have it. the ONLY picture I took on Father's Day.

You know you love it. and you know that, because of this high voltage entertainment, you will not be able to help stopping by Livin' the Good Life tomorrow.

Happy First Day of Summer 2010!!

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