Thursday, June 10, 2010


Levi double dutchin' it...

the ol' boy's still got it. what he has, we aren't sure, but he's got it.

Willverine...David looks skeered.

Tom's new Nikon is da bomb...what a cool picture! all of these pix were taken by our resident photog...thanks bro.

What's been up?
David's been outta town on a job in French Lick...
Life is just crazy busy and is going by way too quickly.
Do you ever feel the same way?

Kids have been working the Kaleo mini-ministry week (that's hard to type and even harder to speak)...and that has been a huge blessing. Will started his new homeschool soccer league this week, Mel worked the library volunteer job dad has been down here two days now, clearing weeds, over-growth and is getting this place to look a bit more like a park every day. I thank the Lord for the opportunities He has given me, though, at the time, I may grumble...this could all change in a heartbeat so for today...

I am thankful for: (this will not be a complete list)

~My healthy, beautiful, bright, helpful, caring kids
~Involved parents that love my family and I
~An extremely dedicated and hard working husband, who enables, with the Lord's help, me to be able to stay home and raise our 5 chickies.
~Unique, interesting, fun house to live in
~Amazing friends and siblings that support and encourage me in so many ways
~I'm done's good to write this stuff really puts it in your face, all the reasons one has to be joyful and grateful.

Happy Thursday, Folks. Thanks for stopping by...

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Jodi said...

O.K...I really enjoyed these pictures!! Great action shots!! And...I really need to stop and do what you just did. Be thankful!
Love ya!