Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas!

The nutcrackers that will haunt me forever.

the annual pajama open

Molly was asleep for the PJ Open but we did manage to get her Christmas Princess PJ's on...and we even left the food smudge on her face.

We call our style of decor Charlie Brown

Levi, trying out the new mini indoor tent from Gma and Gpa Y.

Getting Santa's plate ready...even though we really don't push that's traditional to put the cookies out. and oats.

All's quiet.

silent night....

ready for some praise and prayer time before commencing on the present front.

swimming in the sea of wrapping...

My fam came down after 4 p.m....the festivities didn't take too long, for no one felt spectacular and quite honestly, we were all worn down for this reason or that....

Gma and Gpa G always bring the loot...

see previous post...those little rascals? hard to believe that this is them now. Mel, you have so much hair. whatta lovely young chick you are. Will, Ethan? You are so dang handsome. and chivalrous.

Scotty and you guys too...

Can't believe I actually got a pic of Nora...there aren't many pix of her and Molly, for they were whirling dervishes this entire day.

Levi wanted me to take a pic of him with every one of his presents. funny guy.

Molly trashes her hair and feet pretty quickly....rips out the bow, takes off the shoes and socks.

Good evening!

Thought I'd better get some Christmas pix up!

That's all I've got tonight...that's it. nothing more.

Hope you and yours had a blessed Christmas celebration. Merry Immanuel!

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Smooches, Kara said...

I have friends stationed in Turkey and she saw the actual Whirling Dervishes!! I thought of you when she talked about it and posted the pictures lol