Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Last two days of 2009....

Levi is fulfilling his role of "The Licker Guy"...thankfully, we were really the only ones to eat our shortbread cookies. so his saliva germs remained here.

Love this tree in downtown Indy...and our fun evening with the P family! Thank the Lord for new friends, with just as many kids as us! whoa!

Another highlight from December was a fun evening spent with our good friend, Jen. She is a busy high school math teacher and we helped her decorate her beautiful home for Christmas. She fed us delicious Parmesan coated chicken, potato casserole, broccoli, ice cream...Thank the Lord for long-time friends!

My li'l cookie decorators.


Let's recap... ...............

Ok, let's not....

While I love December and everything that goes along with the Christmas season, I'm always slightly relieved when we get back into the mundane days of life. less hustle and bustle.

Then it begins to sink in that yes, I'm really 37. And we've just made it thru the first decade of the new MILLENIUM.

We will be having our annual New Year's Eve bash at our house Thursday night...hope to get lots of great action shots and such of our fun time...Nerfing, Hustling, ringing in the new year! Welcome 2010....hopefully you are a year of new and exciting things! Some interesting and exciting things are on the horizon. But I've been saying that for a while now.

I am most thankful for 2009 for many reasons...David's patent co. and construction co., good people to work with, friendships made and re-established, lessons learned and trials by fire!

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