Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas at the Zoo

trippin' man.

I like how Moo is looking out from under her too big hat.

ohh, another neat-o tree like down at the Circle of Lights.

I think the estimate of lights used is somewhere around 700,000 or so.

synchronized the tunes of some mean Trans-Siberian that music.

I really think I have a light fetish

love the reflection in the half-frozen pondy thing.

Molly wanted NOTHING to do with this picture. She is really becoming very difficult...we were adequately frozen at this point.

I love when we actually use our membership more than once. If you have a membership to the Zoo, now is the time to get down there! They really go all out in the light department...and the mood is festive. The have carolers from 6-8, little bonfires strategically placed here and there, and synchronized tree light shows. We hope to get there again soon...hope to see you there.

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Denise said...

Congratulations! You got your pictures up before us... We have several of the same pictures, well, with different people in them. It was beautiful, wasn't it?