Friday, December 4, 2009

It's the most wonderful time....of the year!

We went downtown with our friends, the P family...and I will not post any of their pix here, since I forgot to get their permission to post....but they are cool, have 5 kids, and homeschool their cool kids also. not to assume that my kids are cool but ya know what I mean...James took this pic...I'm amazed that we are all looking at him...but honestly, I think we were frozen in this position. it was COLLLLLD baby.... whassat smell?

here are 8 of our 10 kids...blurry, but you get the idea...

O illuminated Christmas tree...we enjoy thee.

I could stare at this most of the day....sooooo cool. every year.

yes, we are stupid.

I always forget how short I am....

time to head back to the van...unthaw...

Banshee...with a lethal load in her pants, that we didn't smell till we were just getting out...sorry for that, Moll.

I'm really holding out that hope too...that it's the most wonderful time of the year...

A few things come to mind, and I'm just rambling here so bear with me...

-2009 has been an exceptionally challenging, trying, growing year so this season of good cheer is especially important to me.

-But I'm really being convicted to be JOYFUL all the year thru...yeah, we will have our down, bummer times and as a mom of 5 and wife to one of the most INTENSE guys I know (self-employed I might add), I find myself in the miry clay a LOT! The Holy Spirit has convicted me to find my peace and joy in Him. He will give me rest. (I will not expound but wanted to share that)

As I sit here and type, Will and Ethan are having a Nerf gun fight right outside of the office. and they just shot Mel in the face. Levi is whining because he wants to join in or do whatever they are doing....I will CHOOSE JOY. immediately. ...... sputter..... ......failing.

-My 37th birthday is 2 weeks from today. I can't believe I can even say 37 in relation to ME. I've really gotta dig those pix out from my Sweet 16. That is how I still feel. most of the time. Thanks, Mary Beth, herb lady, for getting my nervous system in check. oooh, that crik in my neck is NOT cool today.

I feel old. I have a crazy, busy life...but I am so blessed and thank and praise the Lord that we have the freedom to celebrate the gift of Jesus Christ, not only in December but all the year thru.

I told you I was rambly. now do you believe me?

Ok, gotta take Will to David....long, busy weekend doing lots of work around the great state of Indiana.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Laurie! Thanks SOOOO much for showing me the pictures from around Indy with the Christmas lights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My absolutely mostest favoritest time of year to be in downtown INDY. I would love a cup of hot cocoa from the Chocolate store there. :) Looks like you all had a blast! Thanks for the reminder again to continue to CHOOSE joy, it is timely. ((hugs))
Shellee (who also can't believe she is 34 already)