Thursday, December 17, 2009

Birthday's past...and the bad hair continues....

I am tight in nostalgia's grip today....
Dug out some old pix to reflect on the past thirty seven
wonderful years.

snazzy dress there, birthday girl. I love that my mom dressed me in Christmas clothing! How appropriate. :)

there is no method to the madness in the order of these pix....this was my 21st birthday and I had just gotten married 3 weeks family came over to visit David and I for my b-day. We were living in his parent's basement apartment. how time flies.

This would have been my second Christmas...and Gma G has a grip on me, while Aunt Mimi shows me the stocking she made for me...I still have it though it's been empty for years!

look at me rippin' into that gift. I look a tad vicious. 1976

not sure of the age here but I would guess 7 or 8.

Fifth birthday. A fun birthday memory: Aunt Bee lived across the street from us. She was an AWESOME lady. Just awesome. mended clothes for us, always, without fail, thought of my sibs, parents and I on our birthdays and holidays. She actually saved my little newborn life. I was not breathing and she, being a nurse, rode to the hospital with my distraught mom, and cleared my airway. I loved that lady! maybe just a bit more than anyone else for that reason.

I even know what was in this box...hugging monkeys...their long arms wrapped around each love loved them. I miss you, Auntie Bee. You were a GEM! everyone needs an Auntie Bee.

gosh. I'm getting choked up.

10 years and what sweet hair. and those overalls? stylin' fo sho!

My Sweet 16 and oh was it. My mom threw a surprise party for me at Orion House with female relatives and friends from church. This chick next to me is Sarah. I just found her on Facebook. She is one of those girls that was always the life of the party (we had to share the spotlight, ha ha), lots of fun and got even more beautiful with age...can you believe THAT? yeah. she did!

Awww. Mom, Beck and David threw me a surprise party for my 30th. It had been a rough year...I had just had Levi one month before this picture. (taken Dec. 1, 2002), he had had some complications from the get go...he wouldn't nurse, I was getting older and dealing with 3 older kids and such. What I remember most from this picture? that sweater was making me sooo hot. and I don't mean "Man, she's Hoooot!" I'm referring to my temperature. I can't believe it's been 7 years since this was taken.

Time? please slow down just a smidge, k?



velvet said...

i can't believe you're such an old lady! :) no, just kidding. you actually give me hope - you are one person who is still young and vibrant, regardless of your number of years!!
your 16/maturity comments in your last post made me laugh :)

Laurie and company said...

isn't that how it feels sometimes? I definitely don't handle things as well as I used to or even as well as I thought I would.

Thanks for stopping by, Velvet. Thanks for your kind words!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Laurie! I think you were a beautiful little girl, teen, college age girl, and now a beautiful 37 year old! Thanks SOOOOOOO much for the Christmas card, how incredibly thoughtful of you, I was thrilled to get it! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas celebration!
I understand the whole getting closer to "40" thing. (I turned 34 this year AND celebrated 11 years of marriage just 2 days after your b-day) Take care my friend.


Laurie and company said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours too, Shellee!! So glad the card actually! I sent a card all the way to Japan! and it made it! Yehaa...
Happy belated anniversary to you and Duane...what a blessing your first 11 years have been to all around you!

Have a blessed Christmas, friend. your words are so appreciated.

Hugs and love from the States...LY