Thursday, December 17, 2009

Birthday Eve...

Well, today is my last full day as a 36-year old (I can't believe I can even say that)

Tomorrow, I will greet 37 (actually at 8:40 p.m. according to my barely filled baby book, thanks, Mom, for at least getting that fact filled in)....with OPEN ARMS! Thirty. Seven. I mean, doesn't that just sound old?

Is it just me?

It's not that much older than 36.

but I think it's the odd number that I'm struggling with. and that I'm just three years from the big 4-0.

I'm in good company though...lots of cool chicks around me are 40 and up. So I'm convinced, as my Facebook friends have all encouraged, that it's all in how you feel, and that it's just a number.

Because I still feel like I'm 16. but I'm not as mature now as I was back then. and I definitely don't know as much.

Hope your Thursday is Magical...and that you've gotten all of your Christmas shopping DONE.


Tory said...

Happy Birthday, chiclet! Hope that you have a good one, and MANY, MANY MORE! Of course, just being a month behind you, I understand the pain and anguish. Hugs, t

Laurie and company said...

I'm so glad to have someone to understand what this does to a person! right there with me!

Thanks Tory! You rock...

Love ya!