Thursday, September 18, 2014

throw back thursday

Grandpa Greenhill with Tom, Jenna and myself. we were precious.
L to R: Me (Laurie), Aunt Mimi, Aunt Nan, my father. I kinda love this oldie.

there are seriously just no words for this picture. I do know this, I wanna squeeze myself here.

Uncle Frank, Gram Greenhill, My snarky father and my cousin, Jenna. I love these glimpses into my childhood.

I look like I'm trying to squeeze the snot (or something else) out of my Potty Time forward to 2007, potty training Levi...I made this face a lot.

I love the expression on my mom's face here...this was before she gave birth to Rebecca. aww.

My Michigander this one too.

Tom, Jenna and I...Molly and I determined that I look like her here...oh the bliss. 
Just sitting here, listening to my menfolk talk about work and the coming months. David is facing some changes, rather large ones, with his company. While we completely trust the Lord, it is hard not to worry a little bit. So, I'm not gonna worry...gonna lay these things at His feet.

I'd like to ask for some prayer on these work situations and also for David as he is having his second PRK (think Lasik) surgery for his eyes tomorrow morning....The, just so delicate and I pray it all goes well and he is able to go without glasses for the next few years.

I wanted to swing by my beloved blog to show it some love and ask for prayer.

and hey, thanks for the suggestions for the sitting area. womp womp.

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Tesha Papik said...

LOVE the trow back pictures!!!:)