Thursday, September 11, 2014

168 Thursdays...

Hi and good afternoon!!

This brochure came in the mail on Tuesday. I'm doing better with baby mail though it still stops me in my tracks a bit.
There's a story as to why our names are in this annual report
and I'll blog about it someday but not today...just know that seeing our boy's name in print, in remembrance, causes my heart to swell. 

so, it's obvious that I love my Starbucks people....Kaitlin, Cassie, Susie, Anna, Pam etc
the girls and I stopped there on Tuesday night...I got out of the car and started looking for my keys...realizing that I'd left the car ON....hence Cassie's adorable artwork on our cup (below and well, above also)
We love our Stonegate Starbucks people. Immensely.

seven additional songs came out on Tuesday from these guys...we are digging their tunes.
Just ask Ethan...

this person is something else. and her big sis takes/edits good pics.

I seriously have 3 or 4 different blog posts rolling around in my noggin so in that sense, it's like I've been blogging....right?

I am still processing my post on could be gory and difficult so as I make notes and process it all, I shall hold off on blogging about it. so you know, I thank the Lord for the friends (which includes so much family) He has put in my life. Lost friendships, challenged friendships, friendships that make no sense yet we hang on and friendships that are thankful for all of them. that's where I'm going...and I know so many of you are also. so stay tuned for that blog may show up her before the end of 2014....heehee.

Life is so fast paced, good, busy, blessed, challenging, amazing and packed full of goodness. I am so grateful that 168 Thursdays ago, I was redeemed.

I just wanted to make sure that was stated....I do not take that lightly.

As I sit here at our table this afternoon, Molly is chowing down on some cottage cheese, hopefully with clean hands but probably not ya know cuz she's all about chickens and such. We've had some escape artist chickens today...never dull. And according to Mel, the chickens have cute bums. so I checked them out and she's right....they are pretty cute, though chickens, in general, are rather grody.

We had a weather system move through last night and it brought cooler temps...which are super awesome if I do say so myself, though I am not looking forward to another winter. bah. Today, we have windows open and it's magical....Mel and Levi are working on their school out on the porch...Molly just dreads school these days so any suggestions to encourage her to LOVE school are welcome....

We are slowly getting our house projects finished and I couldn't be happier...there's always something though, isn't there?? are we ever happy? I have a blog post I hope to put up today about what to do with this lower level sitting I'll post a pic and ask for suggestions. Kinda at a loss...

We hope to have the boys' graduation celebration in early October so more info on that soon too.

so many good things in store, I can just hardly stand it all. and that doesn't even include Christmas or our numerous trips to Gulf Shores this coming winter. (haha!!)...or my 42nd birthday (gasp!!)

I'll be back....stay tuned.

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