Tuesday, July 30, 2013

25 months and a little pictorial update

I know what you're thinking...wow! this update goes all the way back to the 80's.
I just wanted to share a few oldies to commemorate my brother's two sons arriving this past weekend.
Sibling love.
nothing like it.

Andy and I.
I was his favorite.
until 78
Beck's obviously always had more style than me
can't blame the kid

Charlie, 10, Phebe, 7 and Duncan, 12. Pheebs is staying in Florida.
My hubs and I. He's quite precious to me. I like to call him HIGH MAINTENANCE but in all actuality, I may be the HIGH MAINTENANCE one.

These pics are completely in random, space cadet order.
Pardon me.

Moll and Nora at Moll's 6th bday party. I can't believe I've been blogging for over 6 years now.

Tom refuses to submit to Andy and Scott's tomfoolery. Go Tom!!

We had a rare evening with this guy and his incognito bro, E. They ran a job at C9 for David in the month of July.
I miss seeing my big boys.

This was on the campus of Cedarville University, which will be a blog post in and of itself.  Stay Tuned for Camp Electric/Melanie post.
You know what I just discovered, by accident in mistyping Mel's name? If you take the L out of her name, it spells meanie.
Very fitting for this picture.

My Dad, back in the early 60's. We were shocked as to how much Ethan resembles my Pops.
Makes sense, considering we named him Ethan James.

Someone may or may not need a haircut???

oh little guy.
I miss this tiny face.
I still have this face in my presence, for which I am most thankful...it's just not as small or innocent anymore.
doll boy.
see below.

Molly keeping her dad warm in JULY.
I have to say, I love a chillier July but this unseasonable chill is just weird.
makes for chilly, if any, swimming.

Zinnia love.
Sunflower love.

Majestic block delivered our newest load of retaining wall blocks.
Now, for the time to actually assemble wall?
Good question

This is what Ethan has been up to...farming, logging drive time, working with his dad a lot....
He's such a nice guy. We call him the Pied Piper because any time there are kids around, he is right in the center of them.

I feel so behind on my blog. So much has transpired that I've missed and so much is on the horizon and I just don't have the "time" to blog that I "used" to. haha.

25 months ago....this.
I miss this little person and feel his absence daily.
What I'd give to sniff your toddlerness and scold you for being pesky.
We all wonder and we all MISS you immensely, Jack Oliver Precious Boy.

In the news:

~My mom's back/hip/pelvis injury seems to be improving after a li'l nose dive in healing last week. Thank You, Lord! Get well, Momma!

~Our Aunt Sherry had surgery on her shoulder today. She is the soul up above, just in case you are new here, that is in the Jack pic with Melanie. She and our Uncle John lost their son, Tim, to CF 28 years ago. She is well-acquainted with grief and has been such a blessing to our family. God worked out all of those amazing details in having them move here 4 months before Jack died. Please pray for her, as she has had some annoying troubles with her "bionic"shoulder in the past few months. 

The thing I love about my mom and Sherry is their resilience. I know they cry and cry out to God in their pain...to be expected...but their spirit of selflessness and positivity is such a testimony to their Godly characteristics of patience, meekness, and love.

~David, Will and E are in IL this week. Finishing a rest stop there. Amen. Will is in his friends, Jonathon and Olivia's wedding this weekend. Jon is the Uncle of Li'l G. 

~Li'l G became a big sister this past Saturday, when Baby B was safely born (nearly 6 pounds) to Adam and Myssi. Praise the LORD!! She is a beautiful, tiny thing! We are so happy for Adam, Myssi and their family. Our youth pastor, Greg and his adorable wife, Erin, little 2 year old son, Nolan, welcomed Macy Louise a week ago yesterday (same day as Prince William and Kate!!) Babies everywhere. I'd like to get a sniff but I'm not holding my breath. haha.

~I have a rash behind my right ear. I shared it on FB last night...and many people said it sounded like Shingles. Ahhhh. Alas! it is not. How stupid and relieved was I to find out I have a case of Poison Ivy. See if I wrestle around in the weeds, feeling invincible anymore?? Yuck and ouch.

~Duncan, Charlie, Piper and Nora all started their adventures in the Perry Township schools today. Per Beck's report, all went well, with only a few minor glitches along the way! I know that is a big relief to all involved. Whew!!

~My kids have been doing school through the summer. Albeit, lighter loadages but I'm gearing up to start them out next week. Since we've changed Levi's math curriculum, he is actually excited about that part of school. Now, if I could get him excited about Phonics/Reading/Spelling/Proper Grammar. Urgh. 

Ok, the annual Young Summer Reunion is 8/10-8/11 and I am taking some crafty supplies to pass the time so I'd best be figuring that out...hope this update was fun.

*Note: I didn't blog much about Melanie because she will be in the Camp Electric post. yo!

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