Saturday, July 13, 2013

Jack's Balloon Launch (2 years in heaven) Part Two

(yes, I do imagine Molly with Jack when I see her with any tinier people. She was so impatient with babies and toddlers for the first year after Jack died. She's gotten a bit better.)

be still my heart.

Happy Birthday, sweetie! I love you.

My friend, Cyndy Reese. her and I share this niece. isn't that fun? beautiful ladies.

my balloons climb higher...

Yes, sadly out of order...thank you for your patience.

The day was so rainy, chilly and gloomy. I was kinda glad about it because on the day that Jack left us, it was a beautiful sunny summer day. His 1st birthday, as you will recall from last year's launch, was a day very similar to 6.30.11. (although with drought-like conditions). Though the gloom and drear did seem to dampen my spirits for a time, it was kinda neat to imagine that the heavens were crying with us as we remembered our wild haired boy.  The balloons looked so peaceful ascending against the grey skies...and I imagine the day I get to really meet my little boy. Will he be a baby still?

What would his personality be like, down here? hyper and inquisitive, or quiet and introspective? what cute things would he be saying.

I think back on each of my 5 living children and remember the adorable things they'd do at the baby/toddler stages and kinda put Jack there. Will's little noises and inquisitive spirit, Ethan's fear of NOTHING and peskiness, Mel's need for constant approval and killer obedience, Levi's tender neediness and laid back ways, or Molly, good from birth and turning into toddzilla at 2?

I see you, Jack. I look at old baby pix of the sibs and see you.Your memory will live on for as long as I'm alive. I'm so honored to be your momma.

*Ashley, pictured with me right below gives me good insight. Becky worked with her at Gray Road Christian School. Ashley and I were both preggers at the same time, with little boys.
To make a long story short, I met Ashley that fall, when her Henry (who is absolutely beautiful) was just a tiny one and Jack, just a few days older than Henry, had gone home to Jesus.

This tender-hearted girl....ahhhhh. Just precious. She shared with me how, because of Jack, she would give Henry extra kisses and hugged him a little bit tighter. The tears and stories she has shed and shared with me are nestled deeply in my soul. The emails she takes the time to send to me are printed out and tucked into Jack's scrapbook. She has been one of the most precious gifts I've received, thanks to Jack's story. Love you, Ashley. Praying for you, your precious family and the little gift you expect this December. I am so thankful for you!

I love this perspective. I believe this is Natalie's version.

and another one of Natalie's versions...her adorable, non-stop hunk of a doll boy, Ryan. I should add here that Sophie, the vision in red, is NickNat's second child. 

Kim and Hayley King. So glad they were with us!

Will. pure handsomeness.

Ethan and Sophie...(yeah, I imagine him doing this with Jack. And seeing him with Nat's kids melts my heart.) There isn't a bigger hearted 17 year old boy anywhere else, that I'm aware of. Love this big teddy bear boy.

Knock out Ethan

Jamie's pic of Soph....this girl....can you say baby model?

Ryan and his Pops, Nick (Sparkman) long story.

Another heart melting, tear inducing picture. Uncle John, who is my husband's mother's older brother, loving on sweet Sophie girl. We love this man and his precious wife, Sherry. but you knew that.

Kelsie, who we also love, Ian and Austin.



Jamie's perspective. Guess who put the little Sully at Jack's spot? my heart just exploded! BOOM!!

Molly and Noah Deak. I'm pretty sure he's one of the cutest kids I've ever met. He will melt your heart! he's probably telling Molly that she should put the stick down, it isn't nice to mess with the graveyard trees. Maybe we should arrange a marriage for them?? Jill? Michael? anyone? 

David talking with the Deak family. That tiny blonde doll? That is Jill. There's a story there. I plan to blog about her very soon. Her husband, Michael, Sons Isaac and Noah and sweet daughter, Halle, are on my 1,000 gifts list. 

There just isn't enough time, blog space or pictures to adequately convey the emotions that come to the surface when I look at these pictures. And if I started naming people or making lists, I'd surely forget someone because there are just. so. many!

The teens are hosting their Bible study tonight so I'd best get back out with them but wanted to get these up for your viewing pleasure. 

Up next: well....tomorrow is Molly's sixth birthday party. I find that difficult to swallow. High up on her wish list? High heels. she wants no toys. she doesn't even play with them, really. She has started playing with her Bitty Baby more but really...she doesn't have time for toys. 

Until then...adios! thanks for visiting.

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Jamie Reese said...

Loved looking at the day through pictures. Such a loved little boy! My goodness I can't wait to meet him! Love you!