Thursday, July 11, 2013

Jack's Balloon Launch (2 years in heaven) Part One

Our friend, Robin, Gma to li'l G and momma to Myssi and Mariah etc.

these pictures will probably be somewhat out of order because I'm  "lifting" them from 3 different, amazing photographers. I will try to lump the pre-launch, launch, and post-launch pics together.

Tom's perspective. love.

Momma got to go first. 

Mel and her group of good girls.

Jamie...another one of the amazing photogs and priceless friends that celebrated with us.
Sully and Jack.

My good friend, Kellie, her hubby, Joel and my sister's back side. unfortunately, Beck and I never ended up in a pic together, but it's ok. We take so many selfies, right, Dad?

Come to Jesus, and live.

David, my love.

Kurt and Betsy Pershing fam, Mancilla fam. Myssi is, by far, one of the cutest li'l preggers you will see. Such a blessing to have them (Adam is next to her) with us...that little bump brewing there? that is Greyson's little sister...remember li'l G? Baby B is due this month.

until we meet again!

so glad to have this chick with first friend in Indy and my sister's sis in law. Love you, friend!

Ryan. precious.

Levi. adorable.


all of them. amazed.

him. awesome.

Li'l G's auntie, Mariah B.
I'm only about 11 days late on this.
I'm just so inspired and amazed, thankful for the people that came out to remember Jack Oliver Young with us. I still just shake my head and praise the Lord.

I had three gifted photogs there, snapping away, making memories in their own special way. Jamie Reese, Natalie Shipman and Tom Greenhill. Three very special people to me and to my family.

just shakin' my head.

I will post more tomorrow or Saturday, or a week from now....

Thank You, Lord.

I have more pictures to blog but I think for this night, I shall turn in. Between VBS at our church this week, an unusually (ok, well it's becoming so NOT unusual) busy, crazy, chock full week with David's work/company etc etc, trying to live life and do the kid thing...I tucker out quickly at night. or say, by 4 p.m.

I need a vacation.

I sincerely hope that this finds you doing well, basking in the Lord's goodness and blessings.

Love Laurie

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