Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First day Fabulousness

Here she is, folks! Our last Kindergartener.
I'm not sure how I feel about this.
bittersweet, to say the least.

She told me it was "too bright" here...hence, the smile with mouth, only. ha ha.

So we tilted and she could then give me more of a full face smile

This is my little mail go getter. I don't think I'd ever tire of watching my kids run up to the mail box.
Besides that, Tory, now my kids think there's fun mail all the time.
I tried to give them the bills.
They didn't get it.

The mailbox pose with house in background.

The up the nose pose.
ha ha.
I like that

The "it's only the first day of Kindy and I already wanna jump off the ravine" pose.

The "1980's kneeling" pose

The "head to toe" poser

Ethan snuck in and she was not impressed.

Then this handsome fella, who'd been out for his morning walk with Mel, got his shower so he could have his first day of school pics taken.  Note: He did his hair this way. Rockin' the faux hawk.

He also informed me that it was "too bright" to open his eyes all the way.
funny kids.

this expression kills me. I love this smooth skinned dreamboat.

Whatta good big bro he is.
At this moment in time, these two really love each other.
I'm touched.
glad I got a picture of it!

huggle bunnies.

Finish up with a pic of our little Kindy-gardner.

I do have to start this out by telling you a funny Molly story.
I sincerely believe she thought she was going somewhere else for her schooling. Mel, Moll, Levi and I jumped in the car because we were told Levi's glasses were in. David called back, once I was on the road, to tell me that, even though we'd gotten called by our eyeglass place to tell us L's glasses were in, they couldn't find them. Doh! I turned around to go home...Molly was pouting in the back seat....Seriously pouting, lip out, arms folded, bewildered, and crying...When I asked her what her biff was, she replied, "I don't wannnnnna do school at home. I wanna go somewhere and I wannanother teacher and I don't wanna be home...waaa waaa waaaaaaaaa." When she realized she had set me off and I might be unhappy, she backtracked a bit and said I'd be welcome to join her, be with her at school and that she loved me but......


After some loving redirection, she has changed her tune and is rather thrilled to be on the road to smarts. Honestly, I think she will pick up this thing called schooling like a champ. not that my other kids haven't, mind you...but she is just a sponge. I can't wait to have her encouragement...she has already encouraged Levi to kick it up a notch.

He's doing his new spelling book right now and I must say...WOW!! wowow. He's doing really well and I'm really feeling good about this year. It really does help that he's just a downright nice kid and lives to please me. I hope that trait stays.

for all of you prayer warriors:

Christine K. is still fighting. I know her husband, Matt, and her three sons are weary and torn. I know, also, that they'd appreciate continued prayers. He is obviously not working, as he is by her side morning, noon, night...When I think I can't make it another day, or I'm overcome with sadness, all valid, I think of them. Not knowing how it will end, or when...just waiting. Thank you for praying for them.

Aunt Sherry: She is such a trooper! We went to see her Sunday night. She is basically homebound but up and around as much as possible and though her complete recovery could take up to 3 months, she is doing really well. No push ups yet. Ha ha. Thank you, again, for praying for her!

Levi: Can't wait to get his new specs!! Pix will be up here as soon as we get them in our dirty li'l paws.

Roni S: This is a dear friend of Becky's and now mine. She worked with Beck at Gray Rd. Christian School and has been a major source of encouragement to me since I've gotten to know her. She is my JOY gifter. She is at the Cleveland Clinic today, hoping to find out what is up with her health...hormones, diabetes, PCOS and other things, hoping to find some answers and treatment that will help her to have more energy and to feel better. I know this dear wife and mother of two young kids would appreciate your prayers.

On this note, I need to get this posted and get Levi's history, math and other fun fun things accomplished for the day.

Note: as I sit here and type this, he has gotten his spelling words done and is now rubbing my back. What a guy.

More later, taters!


Kellie said...

LOVE!!!! you're amazing.

Tesha said...

Love the first day pics I need to do these also :) Do you homeschool the older kids as well,Just curious? I am starting a high highschooler this year. Online though so not to difficult. Praying for these requests!

Anonymous said...

So much cuteness in one blogpost. I was wondering why there weren't pix of Mel, E, or Will, but I don't know if I could handle all of that cuteness at one time...so, I figure that's why! ;) I certainly hope that you have a good week, and I am praying for each of your requests.

While 'dile,

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I know that this is hokey, but as I was just relooking and obsessing over the pix, I was thinking the blogpost titled, "The Kindy from Indy"! ;)


Anonymous said...

1 week plus 1 day...I don't know if I...can...make...it...any...more...must...know...about...the...Young...family. I am now officially on strike until I get more news. ;)

Love and hugs,