Sunday, August 5, 2012

from my iPod's perspective...

on our way back to the van...

Messy girl...

The SpongeCave that Levi built with his Dad. My guys all love their Legos.
Surely Jack is preparing our home in heaven out of Legos.

a close up view of Sponge Cave (Levi took these pix)

Levi took this pic too...a blurry view of Ethan and Levi's room.

Levi took this too...Will doing push ups and Molly, as a blur....

goonies...obviously taken by Moo

I'm wondering who took this one...

CD art. 

Levi took a self portrait! Your auntie and I are so proud!!

Blogger is being a BOOGER tonight.
I hate that it's been almost one week since I last blogged but that's the way the cookie crumbles.
Just when I think I will have a "low key" week, it becomes anything but low-key or ordinary.

Levi is getting two teeth pulled tomorrow! He is nervous but we told him we'd get him a shake afterwards so he feels much better about this!

This week begins planning for the 3rd grade group at White River Home Educators. I have a wonderful group of women who have responded to help me with this so I'm encouraged.

David says his week should be easier than the last...say....ummm, 156 or so...I dunno...I'm beginning to think our life won't be slow, low key, mundane, relaxed until we're dead.

That's fine....
Tomorrow morning, I meet Annie for coffee and hope for a chance to see my friend, Christine, whose health is failing. 
I want to get together with my amazingly creative friend, Kellie, and plan more on the creative get away we are planning to host. what stinkin' fun is that?
so many cool things to even list here...So thankful for the ways and people that the Lord puts into my life. So thankful for a wonderful church with  fearless preaching, caring people and God's Word unashamedly lived out.

So there you have it....there's plenty more where this came from but I'm tired and have 20 more push ups to do for my 100 today. (if you're interested, I'm taking part in the 3,000 push up challenge...100 push ups for 30 days!!)

On to Monday....Hi-dee-HO!!
See you soon!

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Tesha said...

Hummmm push up challenge pretty cool! We are super busy also getting ready for school. Love the sweet pics :)