Sunday, June 3, 2012

It is well with my soul...

even through my tear goggles, which are sooo well worn these days, it is well.

I rest in the fact that God sees the bigger, biggest picture. As one of our pastor's wives so eloquently mentioned in the service (as she gave her amazing testimony) this morning, it's like we see through binoculars, with myopic vision...and God sees the whooooooooooooole picture.  What an amazing picture that is for this ant-sized brain to imagine!

It is well with my soul that HE alone knows what tomorrow holds and He holds my hand. It may seem like He doesn't care or that He is punishing me or whatever, but I don't believe that. For one minute.

I believe these things to happen to draw us to Him.

I'm drawn.

I really want nothing more than to be at His feet and learning, daily, what I am to do and how I am to serve Him. to be still and know. through prayer and reading the Bible, daily. (this is very hard for me, to sit still and read His word. Why? I just don't flesh fails me)

I'm on a great adventure and I release all of my fear to Him. My God is bigger than all of these earthly fears, quacks, people that want to hurt, people that want to slam, and all the stuff that goes along with this.

I'm releasing.
I'm healing but I will never be the same. Thank You, Lord, for THAT!

Jack, thank you, sweet boy.
As Levi reminded me yesterday, "You'll see him again, Mom and so will we!"



Facets of Life said...

HI friend! Sending lots of hugs to you... and thinking of you as one year draws near... you are right, you will never be the same, but you will live life appreciating every thing, every breath, and even the storms in life... all the while knowing you are one day closer... one day closer! Love you Laurie!

Laurie and company said...

amen. Hallelujah!
I thank the Lord for you, daily!
hugs and love LW.

Anonymous said...

Laurie- thinking of you much today...... I love you sweet friend and I am praying for you... So glad that we have the precious promise from the Lord that we will see Jack one day, and our other loved ones too.... Your walk has not been easy,( I can't even imagine) but the Lord is using you to be a precious blessing to so many people...... Praying through tear goggles for you!

Anonymous said...


Hugs, sweet cousin,