Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Garden Therapy...this is for you, Aunt Nan!

At dusk


Angel protector


His little Jack's Garden sign, that I love ever so much. In front of one of the two miniature rose bushes from Aunt Nan, Uncle Frank, Aunt Darlene and Uncle John, my MI relatives. They have given us a lovely springtime display. I also love the red gallardias to the right.

little JOY gnome back by the baby's breath.

side view...the butterfly bush is taller than me, by far. The echinacea (large perennial next to butterfly bush) from Mary Helen is almost as tall. 

the opposite side view.

David's little frog

forget me nots at the front.

lavender and rosemary.
I'll admit, I didn't lay this out very well. I just kind of started plunking plants in this plot.
It will eventually need some pruning and purging but I kinda hope not.

I planted this geranium last spring, while Jack was nestled safely in my womb. I think I will always try to keep this alive. 

hello welcoming gnome

shamrocks from Tammy.
These are my new favorites. They were practically dead but they are flourishing. We love how they fold down for night time.

an early morning view. In this front corner is a hydrangea bush. It's not doing too well...I keep tending to it though...
Mums, Russian Sage, Foxglove from Jodi.

I come to the garden alone

While the dew is still on the roses...

The poor grass around it (it's mostly crabgrass anyways but geez) is dying a slow death.  It's only June and we are drier than a bone out here.  these are early evening shots

I have really come to appreciate this little plot of land.  I sit on the bench (thanks Annette), pray, sing, cry, ponder,  pray some more, pluck, prune, and cry some more. Who'd have thought a garden could be so therapeutic?

I have always appreciated gardens and plants...Grandma Greenhill would sit with me for hours and talk about my someday garden. That woman was a wealth of information that I miss so dearly. I think she'd be pretty proud of this, though it is far from complete.

We have trimmed it out in pieces of terrazzo floor, crunched up straight from Purdue University in W. Lafayette. how cool is this?  little bits of each of us are out here, even Jack.

Ok, I've got children to tend to....
To each of you, faithful readers...I love you. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Jamie said...

Absolutely LOVE Jack's Garden! You know, they told me that when the butterflies are released they tend to stay there as long as there are the right plants. So, maybe you should release them right there. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Cool, beautiful, nifty garden!


Dawn Robinson said...

Laurie--this space is so beautiful and touching...I love and miss you so much. I am praying extra hard for you this week and know that the Lord will lay his hands on you special this week. I so want to visit with you and wish that I could see and talk with you more. I don't have any words for what you are feeling and experiencing--just know that I love you so much.

jen said...

Beautiful and so sweet. Love you.

Tesha said...

Oh so pretty I love it! I thought about doing a small garden for Jonathan but I am not good at plants and I think I would feel bad it I killed them. I love how so many people have contributed and are involved, and love the stone :)

Anonymous said...

Love the garden sweet friend! What a special place to come and pour your heart out to our loving Savior, surrounded by vivid reminders that So many people love you all and were touched by your precious JOY Baby.
Much love & prayers for you sweet friend!

Jodi said...

So beautiful, Laurie. So beautiful. Gardens are very therapeutic, and they must be so close to the heart of God since He placed Adam and Eve in the Garden. I miss you, Laurie. I think of you and pray for you, dear friend. I cannot imagine what this week is like for you all. I will see you on Saturday. <3

Tashena said...

I know you are busy, and hope you remember I am here (across the yard) if you need me - help to prepare for Saturday's JOY celebration, sit and listen to your heart, or a good cup of vanilla chai... I am here.

Praying for you like crazy and hoping you are doing well, busy, but well.

PS - I have something for you - if you'd just return my call!!! *sigh*