Thursday, June 14, 2012

bittersweet joy

This is Natalie (of NickNat fame) with her nearly 2 year old son, Ry, meeting his new sister, Sophie Lynne. She arrived on the scene at 3:10 pm yesterday, June 13, 2012. From what we can tell, she is a beautiful, healthy addition to the Young/Shipman enterprises. Congratulations and to God be the glory, Nick, Natalie and Ryan.

I pray you'll forgive my bittersweet post. Why bittersweet?

Wednesday started out well...prayer, Bible time, a little more reading in The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom, coffee x 2.

got a call that some friends from church were in the midst of one life's greatest and most unexplained tragedies. Sweet baby girl G flew home to Jesus after only 1 and a half days out of her momma's belly. Please pray for this dear family...I'm friends with sweet baby G's grandma and fact, David and I are in their Sunday night group. This is a pain we know all too well. I'm going through each torturous step with them in my mind. Praying constantly. I will keep their names private at this time.

Shortly after receiving the news about baby G, I got the official mass text from Nat, who shared that she and Nick were en route to the hospital, in hopes of meeting sweet Sophie soon. She arrived at 3:10 p.m., weighing 7 lbs, 3 oz and being absolutely precious. We are SO very happy for them and ask that they give her a few extra little snuggles, sniffs and tears of gratitude to the Lord for this gift.

My brain, which I was hoping would be a little less jumbly by this point, is NOT.

I'm all over the place and I covet your prayers.
i know each of these families do as well.

final thought: God sees the whole picture. This all makes sense to Him. I'm so glad.

That is all.


Brittany said...

Love you. Laurie, one of the many reasons you got Jack was to help this grieving family. I am convinced of it. Even if it's just praying for each tiny moment they're enduring or about to endure. You know it all too well.

We're rejoicing with Nick and Nat over their precious girl too.

As you said, God sees the whole picture. I'm glad we can rest in him. Really, really glad. It helps.

Stacey Byrd said...

I love Corrie Ten Boom, can't wait to meet her when I get Home.

Life is so pregnant with sorrow and joy ~ so very often both happening simultaneously. So very thankful for His sustaining love, especially during difficult days when breathing seems too hard.

Anonymous said...

Am glad for the safe arrival of one baby, but saddened for the parents of the other. Prayers, Tory

Tesha said...

I agree, I am so glad that we serve a BIG god that sees all the pieces and gives us grace to walk the most difficult paths. Praying for G's family now.