Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Belated 6th Birthday, dear Pipes!

I find it hard to believe that this little toe-headed beauty is SIX! it seems she was JUST born (and I watched her emerge into the world, wow! what an experience to be on the other end) So blessed to have this little sassafrass lass in our family!

my new favorite pic of Beck and I.

Birthday Loot! woot woot!

Piper and her loving father...

all four of these photos were taken by Melissa, my friend, Piper's Aunt and my sister's sister-in-law. She is a kick-butt photographer!

I have more pics of this big event but of course, they were all taken by Tom or Melissa...why even try to compete to take pix when these two are in the house with their fancy shmancy cameras and patience! ya know?

But until then, and with their permission (can I use your pix, guys?), I will leave you with these pix of my adorable niece, Miss Piper Elizabeth, celebrating her sixth birthday. it's another 10 years till she turns 16 (gasp!!) but she already acts like she's sixteen. hee hee. Becky and Scott will have their work cut out for them.

Nothing gets past this girl.

she is her mother's daughter.

and here, I will insert my evil laughter!

Happy Wednesday, folks!

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