Saturday, August 21, 2010


Charlie's a tenderhearted little dude and he was so cute with Molly.

Whatta good big cousin boy.

the FIVE handsome grandsons...some of them were looking at me, some of them were looking at Tom...I did tell them to keep looking at Tom till he was done but nonetheless...sorry Tom.

The FIVE lovely granddaughters

not sure if it'd make the Christmas card but it's in the running. wonder if I could photoshop the wooden spoon OUT?

as always, picture perfect.

Andy, Duncan, Phebe and Charlie.

All TEN of my parents grandkids

This is a miracle, in and of itself. 18 people, 10 of which are KIDS, 95 degree heat (not including the scorching heat index), tired and cranky babies and to top that off? we were too far back for the little remote to work so we all had to collectively scoot forward. I'd say this turned out pretty awesome! Hoot HOOT!

I have quite a bit of catching up to I will start slowly.

My brother and his 3 kids returned to Cali this past Tuesday. Always sad. It was so nice to get to be with him and all of his kids. It's not wrong to wish they lived in the same area, is it?

I am so glad we were able to get the 18 family member picture above. That was no small feat...These pix were from last Sunday, August 15th (which was also my kid bro's 35th birthday)...we went to church with my parents and then descended onto their house to photograph.

On that note, my parents are on their way here, so I'd best get some coffee brewing.

Hope you are enjoying this overcast, rainy Saturday. I know I am.

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Jodi said...

Every single one of you took a great picture in the family shot!! That would be amazing for a family of 6...not to mention a family of 18! What a beautiful family with some beautiful family memories, I'm sure!