Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Daughter(s)

My daughters are so cool!

Melanie, you are such an unbelievably beautiful, sweet-spirited 11-year old. We shared an awesome moment this morning, on our way to the K's for library drop-off....the song I have on my playlist by Martina McBride (In My Daughter's Eyes) came on. I've heard this song a number of times.

Today I really listened to the words. "....she was sent to rescue me......I see who I wanna my daughter's eyes..." just slammed into me. I cried. Unashamedly. If you know us, and you know our personalities, you know this is truth. Melanie is such a tender, forgiving, selfless, non-manipulative, eager to learn, dear. If David, the midwife, my mom, my sister, two birthing assistants and I hadn't been in the room, I'd have thought she was switched at birth.

I am amazed EVERY day at how unique she is. I praise God for her incredible character qualities and yet I'm daunted that she will continue to live in my house....I don't want to taint her with my sour attitudes and lack of joy.

So, instead, I will try to learn from HER. She's my hero.

Sorry for the mush but wanted to blog this for her. So she'd know just how much I love her, how committed I am to her well-being and growth. This goes for Molly too. She's a sick little girl today....Get well, little sweetie pea. Moo, you are so blessed to have such a cool big sister....I'm sure she will take the time to teach you to feather your hair and apply make-up like I did for Aunt Beck. I know it.

I'm all choked up. So blessed. so very blessed.

Have an inspiring Thursday!


Anonymous said...

Hope Molly is already feeling better. :) Melanie is a beautiful blossoming young lady....truly you are blessed. :)


Heather said...

Sweet-just like her momma.