Sunday, February 21, 2010

E's 14th Birthday Party

Peek a boo...getting ready for presents...

Ethan's birthday meal of choice was Grandma's Beef Stroganoff! MMM MMM good. we all sat around in a coma for a bit, before presents. Here we have Becky reading the info on the Liver/Kidney cleanse she is in the midst of completing. fun fun times.

Nora is just cute!

Levi and Grandpa

Ethan got a DS game and a Lego Indiana Jones game for the Wii, along with some clothing, Laser tag thing, money and a cool pocket knife. I just really like Piper's face in this pic, along with Molly's wild and crazy hair.

Molly was really excited about E's presents.

wow. someone needs some sun. Maybe our March trip should include sun and sand.
the party just wouldn't have been complete without our self portrait. I love my sister.

Handsome Birthday Boy...

Mom and Beck, pose with Mel's Panda. ok. I love these two ladies more than my luggage.

The BB chose cherry pie instead of cake. ok. cool.

How are you this fine, snow melty weekend? We are all finally on the mend, though David is currently doing the same cleanse that Beck is he's LOTS of fun. epsom salts, olive oil, lemons, weird bm's. good, good times at our house. all for a good cause.

I am not doing the cleanse but I am really psyched because I have lost 11.4 pounds to date, as well as 9.75 inches on the Jenny Craig program. I'm on a good program for diet and love my Y time, lifting weights every other day and running/walking/climbing. Battling the bulge is a thankful for good health to be able to meet the challenge.

Other than that, just really ready for some different weather. Not to complain, just ready for some sunshine. It's been in the high 30's here, so the snow is melting away. buh bye.

David is in talks with a local company regarding the sale of his construction will really help lighten his load and will allow him to focus on the patent promotion. The experience has been good, and he's ready for some support.

God is good all the time. Even in these dreary, blah days...we will focus on that. Hope you have had a wonderful weekend and that things are moving smoothly for you...whoever you are.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had fun for E's b-day. :) Next time you see your sister, and mom, please tell them I said hello! It's so fun that I can see pictures of you all, and hear how the Lord continues to work in your life. :)

Take care, ((hugs))

Tory said...

Lovely, lovely stories and pix...I am so thankful that just when I need some motivation, I come to your website and find it. Thank you for just being you! And, for remembering quaint lines from movies, like Steel Magnolias. Hugs to you and yours, t

Laurie and company said...

We did have a fun time, Shellee...and I will be sure to tell Mom and Beck you send Hello's all the way from Japan!

God is definitely working out some kinks and boy, can they be painful. thanks for stopping by, my faraway friend! you bunches, cousin! hope your second semester is flying by...glad you stopped by.