Monday, February 15, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend...

The February birthday brigade...Ethan won't get his birthday party till this coming weekend, due to illness (my poor momma has been super duper sick) we had a little impromptu party, since our good friend, Bobby, turned the big FOUR-OH the weekend before. Sandwich ring, Hawaiian bread with spinach dip, champagne, strawberries (mmm mmm good Tam), hummus and pita chips, and Valentine cupcakes rounded out the evening. You really get to know your friends with a round of Apples to Apples too...We love our fun friends! Thanks for the 2 volume set on the American Revolution you got for E!

Birthday Boy Bobby...

This was the group of kids that David and I served at the Kaleo (Invite) Broken Hearts Banquet. We thought we'd have 8 kids, but apparently E can rustle up a crowd and we had 10 kids. 16 pieces of fried chicken didn't go very far with 6 teenaged boys...

Gotcha mid-bite, Mel. sorry 'bout that...just noticed it.

It's safe to say we had the coolest table...

Phos Ontos Broken Hearts Banquet. I forgot my cam so this mobile shot will just have to be enough...We served Chinese food since the Persecuted country we chose was China. Panda Express worked for us!

Whew! glad that weekend is over. Maybe now David and I can celebrate our own Valentine's Day.

But I wouldn't have it any other way, from celebrating with the kids' fellow youth groups to celebrating Ethan, Valentine's Day is never dull. We are so thankful for Mike and Pam...they do such an excellent job ministering to middle schoolers, jr highers, high schoolers. One cannot help but want to get involved in the amazing work they do for Jesus Christ.

Up next, the kids finally were all well enough to take advantage of the powder outdoors. I sent all five kids out to play and boy, is it nice and quiet in here. nice deep breaths.


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Anonymous said...

Wow! sounds like you were SUPER busy! Hope you and Dave get to enjoy a nice quiet Valentine's Day celebration sometime. :) Happy b-day Ethan!

((hugs Laurie))