Saturday, May 27, 2017

Treehouses, Trails and Times of Joy

Melanie and Julia

Just gotta love the SnapChat filters.

Ethan and I spent the evening together last night. We got coffee (that's original, eh?),
Walked the B-Line Trail in Bloomington and saw this cool AirStream trailer on the trail. We tried to steal it.
We finished the evening with a delicious dinner at Five Guys Burgers and Fries. What a nice guy.

The Loft in Levi's tree house is pretty cool!
David and Levi have gotten a lot more finished on this project today but this was from Thursday.
Once we have the gables in and screens, L and E plan to sleep out in it. The mosquitoes are quite horrendous out there so screens are a must!

Good Saturday evening!
Today has been a home day (I'm enjoying these a lot), laundry is all caught up, treehouse is a bit more finished and we even got to see Will and Joy today. They have their midwife appointments here at the house, since Joy plans to give birth here at Young Manor. It's always so great to see Mary Helen.  Joy is feeling pretty good, considering that Oliver has officially taken over her tiny body. Have I mentioned how much I love seeing her adorable belly and how she interacts with her little son? Seems so amazing that our new member will be here in a matter of days/weeks. Over the cotton pickin' moon! They met MH's assistant today too. Visits like that take me back to the days leading up to Jack's birth...I'm a weepy mess. So thankful for how tender and remembering that Will is with me, and Joy too. Even though she wasn't here then, she is so very thoughtful of that time in all of our lives.  Overcome with gratitude.

I won't say too much...seems I can't put together a coherent thought heart aches. for so many. for those that are struggling, for those that are in toxic relationships, for those that are running from Christ, for so many, for those that can change, know what they need to do to change and won't...for those that are bitter. Give it to Christ. Give it UP.

We aren't good on our own. Fooling ourselves if we believe that...I'm one of the more horrible folks I know....any goodness I seem to have or share is only because of what He has done for me. The gut-wrenching trials I have faced for the past 6 months...have knocked the stilts out from under me in ways I could never have anticipated...

I had another big ol' paragraph typed out but instead, I'll leave you with this Josh Garrels' song that I've had on repeat lately...I'll save my ramblings early morning walk.

Until next time....

Adios !

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Shellee Wilhite said...

I can only imagine all the thoughts and feelings you must be experiencing right now as you await the joyful arrival of baby Oliver.
Love you! Praying for you. What a wonderful God we serve that always keeps His promises!! Isaiah 41:10 has been my favorite verse to cling to. So thankful God loves me in spite of me!! Hugs to you dear friend! Love, Shellee