Sunday, May 21, 2017

These are days to remember

Our friend, Brooks, brought an earth mover down to help us make more parking space and room for the tree house, which isn't really going to be in a tree, per se...but what a guy! Thanks for your amazing help, man!

Peonies always take me back to the carefree days
summers spent swimming at Grandma Taylor's
pool, and the beautiful peony bush that was right next to
said pool. Mel has inherited my love of the peony.
And to think, they only bloom in the month of her

standing in the spot where we spent some of our first "date"  25 years ago.... aww.

These 'em. We all descended on the canal
to celebrate Sarah on her 28th bday! We Love You!

what a crew! 

Sarah got me my first article of Grandma clothing to have at the house...can't wait to see Oliver in this.

This girl would stick her entire body out the window if she could. 

Julia made Molly's hair look so spiffy for the recital.

Levi on the big screen

Molly on the big screen

well, this is out of order...but Will and his two pals after recital fun.

Respectable at the recital...they really are such super cuties.  Don't Molly and Levi look so grown up?
Ahhhh. Slow down guys.
manliest of sons, awaiting the last tree house wall.  More pics to follow.

The following pics are from the Palanca Tour that Ethan hosted here last weekend. So much fun!

The Young Band rocked!

Rusty Vining on guitar and Jeffrey (not sure on his last name) on violin.
Very cool!

Brettan Cox and Jeffrey...loved her sound and mission!

Sarah came down for our weekly Call the Midwife viewing party. 

Happy May 21st to you!

We are in the midst of the most glorious of days at our house...May and June are some of the best months...peonies, zinnia, sunflowers, nasturtium and other fun things are all sprouting around the manor...these are the days that keep me going when the gray, dreary days of January and February strike! I pine for days of bare feet, spring rains and bright blue, chunky cloud filled skies. And they are here!

Thank You, Lord....This year, we anticipate with great joy, the arrival of our newest family member. We all giggle and wonder just what baby Ollie will be like. Will he be the spitting image of his father, Will, with his perfect bright face and perfect ducky hair or will he have his momma's dark eyes and skin tone and (from the many pictures I've seen of her) expressions of adorableness and pure wonder? We cannot WAIT! we can't wait.....we can't wait!! She is at 37 weeks now so she could technically go "any time" now. Home visit with the midwife has been completed, supplies in order and breaths are all bated. hahah. whatever that means...

I won't write much more now, as it is time for our weekly Sunday evening Starbucks visit but hope to be back later on this week with some tree house pix.


Tory said...

Just caught up on your blog. I have been such a slacker. I thought that I had been following, but just not commenting. But, there were at least 4 that I hadn't seen. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers on a regular basis (you too, Shellee). Cannot wait to see pictures of baby Ollie and his Grandma. (I know that a couple of people that I know my age have been a Grandma now for several years, but it doesn't seem real. And, now, you too will join them.) CONGRATULATIONS! Hugs, Tory

Shellee Wilhite said...

So excited for the upcoming birth of your sweet grand baby! Praying for you friend. Levi and Molly looked super cute at their recital!
Hugs and prayers