Monday, May 15, 2017

Easter at the Original Young Manor 'n stuff

Liam Charles
April 11, 2017
Newest member of the Young Fam
Absolutely adorable

Look at this little fella! Perfect in every way.

Claire is a non-stop cutie. This little lady is on the move!
She may have the brightest blue eyes I've ever seen!

Not even sure what to caption this....

Liam's older girl cousins admiring his tiny feet and amazing baby smells. Natalie is so very patient!

Sunset over the Big Thorn Brewery.

Mack! Such a character and thoughtful lil 15 month old guy.
so much cuteness.

It's all fun n games till ya get the van stuck in the muck.
David was letting Levi drive around the property (With a licensed passenger of course)
And when it was my turn to co-pilot, I didn't realize L was getting close to the bad.
Thankfully, Aaron was able to pull us out with their big truck.

More baby Liam cuteness. Such a good baby guy.

Molly even stopped what she was doing long enough to get her fill.
(She's gotta practice for upcoming Aunt Mo duty)

Liam's older brother, Ryan (and sister Sophie, not pictured) is so loving to his little bro. Their enthusiasm for the new sibling was precious to behold. 

Good Monday morning to you!
I thought I'd start out this week properly by blogging, since I said I would about three weeks ago??


Life is certainly a whirlwind these days...I feel like just when I get a day under my proverbial belt, another one is knocking at the door and I'm just struggling to be ok with that. Though these days are hard and challenging, they are extremely rewarding also...the ONLY way I'm able to make it through is because I'm starting the day in my Bible and in prayer. That sounds so cliche but it's so true. After fighting this for many years, knowing full well the benefits I would receive if I'd just stayed consistent, time God's Word and in prayer is my lifeline. Jesus Christ alone is the friend that sticks closer than a brother........

I said I'd post pics of Molly and her soccer adventure but honestly, I might take one or two pics when we are out there and they never turn out very well. I'll wait on Joylily because she may have gotten a few good shots on Saturday. Tell me, parents, if this "feeling" is spend a lot of your spring and autumn playing soccer, going to practices, getting snacks, washing stinky soccer clothing...take a few years off and assimilating back in to sportsing? just hasn't happened for David or I...see the above paragraph where I talk about days being challenging and could be all many BIG things on our plates that these small things, that should bring us joy or something like it, do not.  Molly is having a blast though and it is cute to watch her and her friends out there. She has the cutest, friendliest, losingest team at Mt. Pleasant...

so that's spring soccer for ya...thankfully, she's super cute and runs really well!!

David and Levi are in the midst of building a tree house (so to speak)...I don't know if it will ever end up in a tree, per se...but it's on a platform and Levi is *so* excited to have his own space. Levi has financed most of it! Also, it's been great bonding time with his Pops and he is ever so helpful to his dad in this project. We are always searching for ways to encourage, help, pull him out of himself and this has been extremely cool to watch. Pics to follow.

It is now less than one month until Baby Oliver arrives, according to Joy's due date. I must say, she has been such a champ through this whole pregnancy...she's about 5' 2" tops, and it looks like Ollie is taking over her body...she is also so patient with us (me) when I want to accost her abdomen. I told her I would be sure to NOT touch her tummy after Ollie is born, but I will miss it. It is so much fun to watch/feel him moving and it's even more fun to watch Joy interact with her little in utero guy. So excited to watch Will n Joy become parents. They will be great ones!!!

Melanie, oh Melanie...where did you come from? Straight from the hands of Jesus...seriously...she is LOVING her work with Charlene's Angels. LOOOOOVING. It is a special needs day camp for adults and I tell you....these Angels are so precious. Charlene, their fearless leader,  has a gift I've not witnessed in many (if any) people. The way she loves her Angels is otherworldly....I'd go sit there all day just to watch the interactions that Char and her assistants have with these "kids". We've enjoyed observing Melanie grow in this environment, with these ladies (I don't believe there are any male workers currently) and with these students.
On top of that, just how her and I have grown since she graduated one year ago...the accountability she offers to me, the friendship, is a true gift from God. My courageous older three are SO encouraging to me. I may blog about it someday, I may not...but know that I am beyond grateful for the amazing kids that God has blessed David and I with. I could start peeling the layers back to our relationships but that would take years and it would be a messy, beautiful read.

Ethan hosted a home concert here on Saturday night. He'd met Brettan Cox at Calvary Chapel back in the winter and so when he heard that she was touring with a couple musician friends, E got us hooked up to host and it was SO MUCH FUN! The Young Band opened up the whole concert, pure awesomeness.....followed by Rusty Vining and Jeffrey (don't remember his last name) on the violin. Very talented and reminiscent of Rich Mullins or Simon and Garfunkel. Up next, Brettan Cox...she has such a pure voice and easy, laid back style...Jeffrey accompanied her on the violin/vocals also. She ended it with some worship time. I hope to have some of those pics on here soon too!

With not being on social media, I don't get my pics off of my phone as quickly, which makes sense. The first few days, I felt like I'd amputated something...but in actuality, it's been very freeing. Social media really just gets it's claws in you and it seems that is all I would spend my time doing..."oh, I need to face book this" or "instagram needs to know what I am doing right now...." blah blah blah. It's been nice being more intentional about what I'm putting "out there". Like, in the old days....when this blog was my only form of social media.

Please pray for's allergy season and they knock the wind out of his sails every spring. On top of that, we are facing weird times with our company, as jobs we have done, completed, whatever, are not paying us....because they aren't being paid but ya know? our bills still need to be paid so to say that we are stressed would be an understatement...

yes, we are stressed but we trust the Lord. David has laid this at His feet every day...what would He have us to learn? I'm guessing trust but we shall see. Doing this while in the midst of some of the strangest days of my life has been a roller coaster ride.

That guy though....he's such a Godly leader to his family and I'm utterly blown away by how the Lord works through him. I tell people that the Lord was taking good care of me on that August 1992 day when I met Daveyboy....he has taught me how to stand firm on God's Word (still in the process of getting better at that), how to take my burdens to Him and trust.  We've made it through some of the very roughest of days together.

Well, I can't ignore this week any longer so I will close but I hope this finds you doing well, enjoying the pics above and savoring the springtime beauty. Much love!

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