Saturday, December 5, 2015

I'm so random anymore....

I'm a hands person. I love the largeness of these guys' hands.  

I must say, I'm glad I have this girl. No one "gets" me quite like my little sister.
In the whole scheme of my crazy life (and hers), with kids, work, general busyness, when we meet up, it's like our childhood revisited (thanks Mom and Dad, for giving me a sis, even though I didn't really "want" her at the time)...with her by my side, it's as if I have a multitude of friends.
And I must add...proudly....that she has begun watching the two Star Wars Trilogies. Our families plan to go see Episode 7 on Christmas Day. So thankful for fun, deep family traditions. Love you, Beck. Hope you know that. (I think you do)
just wanted to give a little shout out love to my baby sis.

This is me at four. This is how old Jack would be, though I don't think I'd be dressing him in quilted jumpers ...
It's my birthday month. I will greet 43 this month and I absolutely refuse to let that get me down.

Just a few Mulan candids following...Mel really needs to get a grip on her beard. No Shave November for girls? nah.

This picture melts my heart. This was the program picture. The lovely lady that took all the candids, Lawana, is a dear heart and very talented. 

Oh, just hanging out with the Chinese dragon that was made by some very talented parents (who'd traveled to China often). world class props, folks!! 

We were SO glad (more than I can express even) to have Uncle John and Aunt Sherry at the Saturday night performance. If you'll remember from November of 2014, we almost lost this sweet, Godly lady...but this, my friends, is a picture of a true fight for your life kinda gal and her faithful hubby who takes such amazing care of her. We are so grateful you are still with us, Auntie. Love you both so much.

got a little visit in with our youngest boy before the last Mulan performance. I can hardly fathom what life would be like with him here, but from time to time, I put myself there.
And then I thank the Lord for where He has brought us because of the gift of Jack Oliver Young
My Glory baby.
I miss you, tiny boy. Your tree is up and properly JOY-ed up.

Mel and Will are working on photos for the cover of the long-awaited EP, which just wrapped up this week. Cannot wait to hear it. With the impressive guidance of Logan P, it's just a matter of time till that is released.

This is Joy. She is a sweet little thing that spends some impressive time with our family these days. She also takes some photos (see previous post of Mulan pics) Those belong to her. She also took the photo that we will use for our Christmas card this year, the one by the graffiti wall....Love you, chickadee.
I believe this post will show you just how random I am these days. There is no method to the madness of this post except that it contains things that I love and hold dear.

Last night was the Mulan Cast Party. I'm so thankful for the opportunity that Molly, and the rest of us, had to be a part of that. Someday, we will properly infiltrate the theatre world. As of now, we are just newbies that cling to the outer edges and that is perfectly fine. We will surely look forward to being a part of Spring 2016's production of The Wizard of Oz or Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The fine mommas that I met during Mulan were so very sweet and committed to their kids and I love that. Such a blast we all had.

Is anyone else trying to take these holiday "days" slowly and breathe through them? I know that each Christmas is special in it's own way and in years past, I'd complain my way through, or struggle, feel depressed because I can't "give" my kids everything on their list....

This year, I'm doing the 4 gift list....One thing they want, one thing they need, one thing they wear, one thing they read and possibly stockings. As parents, we give and give to them all year long...this is not a test on ONE day of the year to see if we REALLY are the parents we say we are....the amount of "crap" I buy for them does not indicate my love for them.

Embrace the holidays. Make it meaningful. Breathe. Enjoy the gift of that sweet Baby born so long ago. Emmanuel. God IS with us.

My parents will fly home from AL on the 21st so that will be nice...they were out of town last Christmas. Mom said that she'd never ever do that again. awww. I'm really looking forward to each event we get to participate in. Including Mom's famous Christmas lasagna...

Will, Joy and Levi are driving to KY for a Christmas event at her alma mater today so David and whoever else wants to will be going to see the Circle of Lights in downtown Indy this evening with Miss Molly Moo. Breathe it all in....

In other news, Levi continues to get weekly chiropractic treatment from Dr. Laux and we are looking into genetic testing due to some signs that there may be a deeper issue that our guy is facing. Testing is a good place to begin finding out. Please continue to pray for Levi. He is a very healthy, strong young man, so that will definitely be in his favor. Dr. L said that Scoliosis is not Levi's #1 concern.

That maybe was supposed to scare me but it doesn't. We've always known Levi was unique and faced learning struggles, everyday issues that his older sibs (and even Molly) don't face. But we get up each day and we face them. We place all of this at the Lord's feet and know that He will guide us into this with courage.

David also continues to amaze me with his complete trust in Jesus. What an example he is for our family, as he leads us each and every day. The lawsuit, company struggles, a new patent in the midst of it all .......and you can't help but feel the strong arms of the Lord holding you tightly.

As challenging and full as each day is, I've never felt more loved and protected by God and by my family. So grateful for this adventure.

God is good. He is not safe, but He is good. (a quote from the teen fall retreat that I cling to)

so on this Saturday, turn up the Christmas music, dance around the house, and continue to choose JOY, my friends...and you too, Dad. and you too, Tory, if you're still there....Shellee, I know you're there....and we continue to pray for you and your traveling band of pilgrims.

Love to you all on this 20th day before Christmas (as I listen to Perry Como sing "The 12 Days of Christmas".

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