Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A little Mulan fun!!

this was taken in Sept of 2008. This is Molly with Audrey...who played Mulan in last weekend's production. she loves that this picture exists. I think she held it against all the other little chickadees that were vying for Mulan's attention.

here's my little trooper at last Friday's opening night of Mulan.

and my other trooper (who is caring for #4 and #5 while we are away and from what I hear, they are being punks!!) and her sweet best friend, Cam. Love these girls so much.

All of these pix in this post were taken by Joy B. I guess I should seek permission before posting but she's such a sweetie pie, she'll tell me to go ahead...but I will still check with her before posting. just so ya know.

loved all these little chicks. so sweet.

Molly is back on the upper stage, right side.

The Matchmaker scene. So perfect. so colorful. Loved the Chinese Brides. Audrey did such a fantastic job!!

keep 'em guessing!! 

little snowflakes in the great avalanche, which is posted below.  Magnif!

you can find Molly.

Mulan takes a bow after saving China. 

Posers that I love immensely.

and here is the felt avalanche, sadly out of order but so magnificent. 
I must say that though the tech week and practices leading up to last weekend were tiring and such...the experience was so worth it!! Molly LOVED every moment of it all...even the ones where she pretended not to know me or Mel. Little diva. loved her stage presence and exuberance.

I must also say that Audrey, who played Mulan, did such an amazing job. This was her very first production and man alive, you wouldn't have known that had I not told you...her voice was clear, strong and beautiful. I don't think she faltered once! after a weekend of four shows, she held strong.

Molly totally fan-girl-ed Audrey and A handled it with grace and patience...the top pic above. melt my heart...when we found out that she'd be Mulan, I told Molly about that pic and she reminded me to find it so she could show Audrey at practice. We've been friends with A's fam since 2006 (history club, baby!!) and haven't seen them much in the past few Molly didn't know that we'd spent some quality time with these folks in times past.

All in all, I will probably blog more about Mulan in the days to come, for it left such an impression on our lives....but for tonight, I just wanted to get these pics on the ol' blog.

The opportunity to be a part of Center Grove Fine Arts Academy was well worth every moment!!

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