Wednesday, June 12, 2013

up, up and away

I will blog more on this picture above at another time. but I will tell you that they are from a lovely balloon launch for an even lovelier little girl. Yesterday was Greyson's first birthday.

I'm pretty sure no parent ever wants to celebrate their baby's first birthday this way. I mean, it's a beautiful thing to do, but I know li'l G's momma and daddy would've rather watched her squash a tiny cake or toddle around all of her aunts and uncles. Please continue to pray for this family.

If you have the ability to do so, love, snuggle, cuddle and hug your babies. I hear of so many people that have to say goodbye to their kids. Why does it seem like it happens so much more often? Just more aware, or people put us in touch with other folks that have gone through a similar loss...for whatever reason, I'm thankful...I don't always (usually, ever) get it, and sometimes I feel "stronger" than other times...but mostly, just learning to trust Him more and more every day.

Thankfully, we have HOPE, which is as an anchor of the soul, sure and stedfast...Jesus Christ.

Another name I never want to be ashamed to say.

Praying for the M family
Praying for Shellee and Duane and all 10 of their li'l birdies in their nest
Praying for friends that I know are eagerly, if not anxiously, awaiting new arrivals.
Praying for special people that have encouraged and lit the way for me in this babyloss community, like Lori Clark (Matthew's momma), Jamie Reese (Sully's momma), and many, many others.
Praying for my brother, as he prepares to move his family to Indy. And for my sister, who is flying out to CA to drive back with him.
Praying for friends that I don't get to see as much as I'd like to.
Praying for my cousin in MI who stepped on a nail and needs surgery...

I could seriously go on and on. Someday, I will be able to do so, when I am old and feeble and I sit here and wait for grandkids to come and visit me, or for someone to come and feed me and take me out. Haha.

Until then, seize the day. Choose JOY. Watch what you say. Show love to the ones you are blessed enough to have. Praise the Lord.

He is worthy.

Good evening to you.

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Myssi Mancilla said...

thank you.
you guys mean so much to us. <3 <3 <3