Tuesday, April 30, 2013

don't talk about me like I'm not here....

I think it's safe to say that this guy will be moving back to Indy. He hasn't lived here since he was a young pup. This is my yiddle brudda Andy. Since leaving, he has spawned forth these three beautiful kiddies. Duncan will be 12 next month, Charlie will be 10 in July and Phebe just turned 7 in January. We are pretty flippin' excited!

So these next pix are obviously super duper old but I love them and will use them because 1.) they are precious and 2.) I have been stinking at taking pix with my cam and 3.) I'm kinda too lazy to download pix from my phone to here and if you are my friend on Instagram or Facebook, it'd be old news anyways. I know you just come here to hear my fanciful words and to laugh at my dorkiness. it's ok.

apparently, I loved to put Molly in this legging outfit. (I really did!) because she has it on in a lot of pictures. How can you honestly resist chubby baby legs in leggings? I can't. I squeeze.

I love that we put them on this bar and then....

ditched them....well, not really ditched them but left them hanging long enough to take pictures that we will put up at their open houses so their friends can laugh and think to themselves "Wow! Your mom was sorta mean!!" (2008 ish)

She has never been as sweet and approachable as Mel was. I won't hold that against her but I don't blame others for doing so. She is aloof.
and oh so cute! (2009)

This is how we homeschool. or at least used to...these pix are from 2009 I believe.
I sincerely have sooooo much catching up to do, I don't even know where to start. I may cry.

more than I already do.

and before I forget, as if I'd ever forget...this little chubster has been with Jesus Christ for 22 months today.  I know in Glory, that time means nothing, that it is something we use on this side...is he 22 months old now or how does that work? I dunno. I just know it really struck me the other day that I long to see him smile. long so intensely that I just start that weird weeping thing and water floods my eyeballs.
The little open-mouthed grin that babies do...and I prayed and asked God to let me see that when I get there. his eyes. are they light blue like his sister Molly's? would the crazy hair have stayed? What I'd give to sniff that little temple up above and nuzzle his extra chubby, delicious cheeks. He will always be perfect.

He is our little heavenly ambassador...His life had purpose...He was not a mistake for God makes no mistakes and He wastes NOTHING.

Happy 22 months in heaven, Jack Oliver Young. I miss you so so SO much.

Today is as follows:
Gymnastics at 12:15 (for Molly. ha ha)
Gear up for an extremely busy day tomorrow, which is as follows:

Drop L and M off to my parentals house and proceed to the Indiana Repertory Theatre, one of our favorite places....to watch A Midsummer Night's Dream.
View this until at least 12 Noon.
Drop whoever off that goes with us and retrieve the Levner and Mooski.
Hope to get something done at home before embarking on a CHiPs dream at our church. Yes, our church. Erik Estrada is hosting a viewing of a movie he is involved in called Finding Faith. I have to get there early so I can get his autograph and greet! WooooHOOOO.
David and Will? you ask? yes, they are out of town in Ft. Wayne, missing all of this excitement and hullabaloo!

Ok, I need to run so I can get this party started.

Many many more thoughts and good, cool, amazing, Godly things to share but it will all have to wait until at least Friday, when I find a minute to breathe again.

Love to all and prayers for my friends....

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Jamie said...

Just catching up. Somehow I'm a week behind. Thanks for the extra prayers today. Don't know what the dealio was