Friday, April 12, 2013

blinded by the Light...

every time I go to add a caption, blogger moves the pic I'm captioning to the top. grrrrr.  anyways, I love these little dollbabies.
little friends and possibly spouses. I dunno...this is when they went thru their married phase. oh boy.
I seriously miss this little button head.  she adds such joy to our lives.
my tiny lady
my tiny man

I will admit, I don't take many pix with my camera anymore. I go through phases.
I'm in an Instagram phase. I love Instagram.

A lot.

so, until I find an easier way to transfer those pix here, you will have to bear with me and enjoy some li'l blasts from the past. I cannot believe that these people up above are not 13, 12, 10, 6 and 1 anymore. (I'm estimating on their ages. this was 2008!!)

You know what's totally cool?
That I have an 18 year old son who will still give me a hug and a kiss. Right now, he has a big ol' head of hair, he works out often and he's tall and thin. He looks a lot like his Dad with just enough of me to make him tolerable. ha hahahahah. just kiddin, David. not that you ever read my blog but ya know.
I also have a 17 year old son who is excited about planting a garden with his Uncle John this year. He is always concerned for my safety and when he's not around, I don't feel as safe. After all, he is a karate man...He's our lethal weapon. We found a pic of my family back when Beck was a baby on...My Dad is standing behind us and MAN, it's amazing how much E looks like my father! I love it!
I have this funny girl who isn't afraid to tease me (well, mostly. she may be sort of afraid to tease me but she can handle my bad moods). She is growing in her creativity, having just painted a mural on her bedroom wall with her friend, Mati. I will have to blog that soon!!
I have this amazingly tender 10 year old boy who left his iPod in his pants and it got washed. It is broken. He wanted to blame the iPod but it was a totally teachable moment and I was able to tell him that it was not the iPod's fault. I have a strict policy that I will do all of your wash but you are responsible for emptying pockets, separating undies from pants and stuff like that. That 10 year old is growing in responsibility daily and his reading skills are getting better all the time. His tender heart and loving spirit are gifts we don't deserve.
And that 5 year old little sprite...she loves Jello right now, her 100 number chart (give her a # and she will do her best, usually succeeding, to find that #) and being able to sound out letters/words. She is a SPONGE and brings such exuberance to this home. In her Kindy class at White River last week, they were focusing on character and her teacher asked her what word she thought of when she heard J...she said "My baby brother, Jack. I miss him." Her teacher shared this with me.
I don't mean to ever imply that life is perfect or that we don't struggle...because we have had our share of (horrendous) struggles this past 2 years. Seems that from June of 2012 to now, the Lord has been shaping and refining each of us and I have to say, it is very encouraging to see 1.) the way in which He works and 2.) how He works out every detail. I want to shout it from the rooftop that I am a Child of the King and I want you to be too! There will be more on this soon...
David is busy promoting/seeking more work and marketing. His company has a new website you should go check He has recently signed his company up for the Chamber of Commerce in Franklin, at the encouragement of his good friend, Michael Baun...The Danish Guy who has a chimney sweeping business. I am taking on a smidgen of responsibility working with him, doing payroll and other things like that.
The Craft Liberation is two weekends from now. Kellie Nowacki has a contagious exuberance and mad creative skills to go along with it. I cannot WAIT to showcase some of the pics that I will surely take THAT weekend. Last night, we were up till 2 a.m. working on the name tags for each of the attending ladies. I love being around such creativity and positivity.
Ok...gotta much more to be said but my time is up on here!!
Love and Peace to you...God bless you!


Tesha Papik said...

Oh yes it goes far to fast. Oh my goodness could molly get any cuter!!!?!!! I love that your big boy still gives you affection so sweet! Looking forward to seeing that mural!:)

Anonymous said...

Oh, the Craft Liberation sounds amazing! Cannot wait to hear all about it and maybe see some pix.

And, I love any pix...old or new, big or small, Tory loves 'em all!

Hugs to you and yours.