Saturday, May 18, 2013

I have so much catching up to do, it isn't even funny...

Please forgive the complete neglect here....I'll admit, springtime is my busiest time...what with getting everything around here unwinterized and such...I always dream of it, all winter long and then once spring hits, I get completely overwhelmed with all that is involved.

I need to really catch my breath and choose joy. Not freak out about things...I tend to do that very easily.


and then I freak everyone out around me...this is one of my thorns...pure freakoutishness. forgive me loved ones.

Ok, well...I don't even know where to begin with I will start with last weekend, when Will had the honor of attending the Center Grove High School Prom with his friend, Hayley K. We went to her house to take pictures of the beauteousness and bask in their youth...Hayley's parents, Bud and Kim, graciously funded the event (did you know that tuxedo rental has gone up to $200??? I almost died, but Will then told me that they were going to cover it. wow. cool)

They then went to another friend's house to take pics of the entire gaggle of couples that they'd be promming with. I don't have any of those pictures but they are on FB. He was with a really nice group of people. They all converged on a restaurant downtown (the name escapes me currently) and then proceeded to Union Station for the dancing festivities.  Will also happened to "run" into the young gentleman that he'd had a fender bender with just a few days before. haha. oh, that is a blog post for another day. or not.

After Union Station, they went to Rascal's Fun Zone till 2 a.m. Will had a really wonderful time. Thank you, K family, for asking him to go along and making it an evening to remember.

The other pics up there are of crazy E and his garden. Molly took the pix of him kissing his tater plants. He has really amazed us this so many ways, but this garden?? wow...Uncle John and he are working on it and my dad helps out with advice and plants also. What an experience...there is gardening on both sides of E's heritage so this is a beautiful thing to see. Collard greens, radishes, okra, corn, tomatoes, squash (eventually) and many other things that I can't remember currently...I am sure we will update here frequently.

I really need to sit here and do a blog post on the amazing Craft Liberation I was a part of exactly 3 weeks ago...I have a few pix on my cam and most of them are on FB...All I can say, right now, is that it was an incredible honor to be a part of The Lemondime/Kellie Nowacki's first until that post, hang tight.

In other news, May is half way over, soccer ended today, Mel is getting ready to turn 15. I can't help but think of that little boy who didn't stay but will always be with us...this time, two years ago, I anxiously waited for him. (I still just cannot believe how freaked out scared I was. I should've known. I just should've) The sights and smells of this time of year come flooding back....the floods of tears. I find it hard to swallow that he would be nearing two...I weep for him still. not every day, but I guess when you round it out, and I have a heavy weepy day, it evens out...not a day goes by where he isn't in my thoughts and dreams.

I want to celebrate that little boy not just for who he was but for how his short, precious life brought such change to my life and the lives of my family members. We will have another balloon launch on Sunday, June 30 at 6:10 pm. It's a bring your own balloon kinda's a whoop and holler, thank the Lord for the gift of sight kinda thing. We will also have another low key, swim, eat kinda thing back at the ranch, anyone is welcomed to join us. please do. Do it for Jack. Do it because God is good, even in the hurt. Do it because people are so much more important than anything else...

on that note, I shall turn on the grill and prepare to cook some angus dogs for the gigantic brood of teenagers that is at my house. It's the 3 bigs' bi-monthly young person Bible study...such an awesome thing to witness....ahhhhh.

Hope your weekend is swell....hope to get back here much quicker to keep y'all updated and stuff.

Love to all..

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Anonymous said...

So nice to get an update, and with pictures. My favorite has to be the one of Molly taking Ethan's picture. Too funny! Think that she may have found her calling.

Hope that you have a great week,