Tuesday, April 9, 2013

hang on...this is a lil bit random...

Molls N Bean

This hangs next to my bed. I'm trying to make it more than a pretty suggestion.
I'm embracing it.

This is Ethan James Young.
He makes a rare Livin' the JOY-filled Life appearance

These pix are completely outta order, as usual.
This was taken in Champaign, IL a few weeks ago. We made a trek there to see the Winter Jam.
TobyMac, Newsong, Matthew West, Jamie Grace, Sidewalk Prophets (who I missed because I was searching hi and low for flippin' cotton candy but that's ok. everyone said they were AWESOME!!)
anywho...I thought this pic of Molly and I was kinda cute. for us. She was, in fact, quite sick! slept thru most of the Jam and the next day. She did perk up to spend time with her lil Ryan and Adelaide cousins.

this...ohhh, this.
grilled turkey burger, no bun and a side of spaghetti squash.
I'll blog more about this later on.

so this was the night we got home from Winter Jam...little miss perky pants was starting to feel better. We were laying on the living room floor. We currently don't have a couch. and that's ok with us.

the epitome of cuteness.

this pic should be with the Scott being mauled by Nora and Molls pic. Is this springy wreath not the cutest thing since this pic of Erik Estrada below?

this. just makes me laugh.
He will be at our church on May 1, 2013, promoting his new movie.
More deets later.
If I remember.
Until then...have a laugh at this hilariously happy pic of Ponch.

I mean, really, if she wasn't so golldarned cute....
love this ramen noodle butt.

Oh look, one of the pix from the Winter Jam. The disco ball was extremely coolio.

outta order...all the way around. these little ladies love their daddy uncle guy.

I had the ladies one day after gymnastics. we got some springy flowery pinwheels and trekked out to Jack's grave.  Zoom in on this pic for some priceless expressions.
and btw, I still love to hear/talk/cry about my precious glory baby.
When these little people (and not so little people) bring him up? yeah, it makes my heart soar.
I will never ever forget him and it's nice when others say his name.

Melanie, Melanie...what would we do without your documentation of life?
Love you, sweet girl.
I really really need to blog. Sorry I didn't get on here this weekend, as I told my loving father I would.
The weather was so nice and we spent any time we could out doors or being too busy.

Seriously. I have so many thoughts and things I am thankful for tonight...

1.) That our nieces, Abbey and Alexandra were found after some very scary moments last weekend.
2.) That I serve a Risen Savior and He's in the world today. He has done so much to show Himself to me and for that, I wanna shout it from the mountaintop. Or maybe the rooftop so you'd have a better chance of hearing. Jesus Christ. There is POWER in that name.
3.) So many great family members and friends that just make me smile.
4.) My awesome kids (really, really incredible!!) and their out of this world dad.
5.) The way that the Lord Jesus works things out. Too many situations to write and some need to remain sorta private but wow!! When we obey, He honors.
6.) Good health. Lungs and legs that allow me to jump on my treadmill and spit out 2.25 miles of walking/running (high intensity spurts, which I hear are so good for you) on our tready.
7.) Lovely weather that reminds us that spring is coming and how beautiful that is.

Ok....time to hit the hay. I am driving Aunt Sherry to her doctor appt in the morning and this cat (ME) will have to be up early. (for me, early...7:15)

I do hope that this finds you well and healthy, thanking the Lord for another day to praise Him.
Nice to see you today, Lela, Duncan 1, Duncan 2, Luke, Ray, Rachel, Melissa, Christy....at our bimonthly Incredible Pizza Bible study.

Ok really.
Good night.


Anonymous said...

It's so good to finally get a post! So glad to have a moment to catch up and see what is going on in a land far, far away. And, I love the reminder to be joyful and rejoice, and of course, be thankful for the blessings that we have. Many hugs, Tory

Anonymous said...

Hi from still sometimes snowing Hokkaido!! I love the joyful reminder!!! I also really like seeing the pics of your sweet family!! Thanks for keeping us updated about life in your neck of the woods..... Love you my friend! Praying for you!