Saturday, January 12, 2013

no day like a snow day

He lasted for about 15 minutes. When he realized how much fun we were having, he asked to get his very wet snowclothes back on. Ugh. My least favorite part about snow. I know other moms can testify!
these snow day pics were taken on 12/26/12.

Perfectly blustery day!

Don't eat yellow snow

Mel has to piece together winter fun clothing. Poor lady.

Yes, Levi is in footy pajamas. This was his second time out and his "snow" pants were soaked. yikes.
Three words for you: Welcome to Waverly!

My reflection(s) in the glass bulbs hanging from Jack's butterfly bush. See? I end up in pics eventually.

So, Yes! I'm a smidgen behind in my blogging, which my father informed me today and Tory does regularly....and so ya know? I love that you guys care enough to check here and that it makes your day.

(you really need to get out more. hahaha. I love you)

Savor all of these snow pics above. All of our snow melted today....officially. Ahhhhh! Windows are open and the sun even shone for a bit today.  The spring cleaning bug has bitten and dust is a-flying around here.

I've already gotten the storage/classroom to a place where we can move forward and improve/organize over time. Now, the scrap area is being packed up and desks moved....David will be building me a 4' by almost 4' high shelf for this creative area...One of the things that I cannot stand about crafting is having to pack everything up, even if I'm not keep the island "neat".  Honestly, I don't get to craft as much as I want these days....but hopefully, this new shelf will help with this???? Gosh, I hope so.

I'm hoping to have pix of this stuff up soon but who knows?

I have many many thoughts rolling around in the ol' head. I used to just blog whatever I wanted but now I am much more guarded/careful because it would seem that I have a different perspective on life now....

and I need to be thoughtful of what I blather on about, ya know? Some of the thoughts are really good, really deep....others are just nonsense and pure crazy. I will definitely keep those to myself...

But for now, I need to get back to rearranging, organizing, dreaming of the day when I have all of my "crap" together.

ha ha.

thought I'd leave ya with a laugh.

Miss you, Mom and Dad. Looking forward to our trip down on Feb 10....wooooot woooooot!

The countdown is ON, baby!

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Anonymous said...

Such fun pix! I especially love that I can enjoy the snow without having any of our own. Hope that you are having a wonderful, blustery January kinda day.