Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas time is here and gone.

the view from the floor.

David, you're funny. at least your kids think so.

now see? this was chosen first, before the pic with David above and up it comes, second. grrrr. I know it's possible to move the pix around in each post but I'm never going to.
All that to say, I love this li'l buncha kiddies. Here they are in their Christmas Eve PJ's.

Gift dispensing.

What fun would it be without our annual photo of each other taking photos? I dunno...

Me Momma and Me Poppa...who are now safely tucked away down in Gulf Shores, AL, just waiting for me and my family to crash their quiet little party. Cannot. wait. to go down there! Miss you guys already!

Levi and his pile o' goods

not sure what's happening here but E always seems to make these dead behind the eyes kinda pix.

And really, what kind of event would it be if B and I didn't torture y'all with a self portrait of ourselves? 

Becky So Very Festive

David really has a lot of the same mannerisms as his own Dad. Doesn't he, Natalie? 
Pipes can't wait to rip into her gifts!

Nora was slightly feverish this day but still cute as a li'l button.

 Miss Molly

I still the little boy who was completely disgruntled when he'd open clothing on  Christmas.  

Pretty Mel

We all chipped in and got Tom the Lego Millenium Falcon. It's not here yet. bummer.

very appropriate. yes? he'd like to think so. ha ha.

Will's Rooster chalkboard, from B and S. We've taken the rooster theme and run with it. Not sure how Will feels about it but it's fun for us.

My Mac is acting stupid tonight.
It keeps blinking and flashing so it's nearly impossible to get anything done on here.
Right now, David and Will are exercising to The Return of the King Lord of the Rings and it's noisy in here. (one of my favorite parts is playing as I the end, where Frodo and Sam are waiting for someone to rescue them after Frodo delivers the ring into the pit of Mordor...and the big birds & Gandalf come swooping in and the angelic voices sing....I think of Jack, my little heavenly ambassador, who I miss dearly)....
Mel is baking a Sara Lee pie downstairs so when David gets done exercising, he can eat some. wha?
Yeah, that's how we roll.
emphasis on roll.

In all reality, 2013 is off to an ok start. It's freezing cold here, we've got 8" of snow and ice all over the place, our walkway is sort of a death trap. it gets dark at 5 p.m.
I'm ready for our trip south, which we aren't even taking till this time next month and really, it can't get here fast enough. I am encouraging the time to go slow though because then it means the time at the Gulf will speed by and I won't want to leave to come back here, where it's cold and dreary and responsibility looms around each and EVERY corner.

Choose JOY you say?

Ok. I'm really trying.
I may or may not have a case of S.A.D. because everything is aggravating today.
And I need to just thank the Lord for all of the good and even challenging things in my life.
They are all Refiner's Fire.

I truly have so much to be thankful for, yes I do.

Tomorrow, I get to go to work on a job at a rest area with my hubby. That means, I will get lunch and coffee, as well as some good fellowship. This weekend doesn't seem to have anything planned and I'm really ok with that.

I do hope that this post hasn't completely depressed the snot out of it has me.
Just call me Susie Sunshine. :)

Until next time, which, according to Tory, is wayyyyy tooooo long in blog land...(cousin, I will try to blog again this weekend...I will even try to be creative and take some pix. :) )

Adios my friends.


Anonymous said...

So, Susie, I am just so ecstatic to have a post to read that I didn't see your post as depressing. And,I know, I am demanding, but I must know how the Youngs are doing. It's kinda funny when I talk about you to other people like I really know you or something. And, what's funnier is when they call me on it. I can't believe that you have so much snow. Yikes! No wonder you are looking forward to the gulf. We don't even have snow, and I would be looking forward to the Gulf. So great. Have fun at the rest area, and thanks for the update!

Love, Tory, David, and Linda

Tesha said...

Love the sweet Christmas pics. I am glad to here you are doing good and look forward to more blogging from you:)