Friday, December 9, 2011

someone got a hair cut...

someone also looks a lot like her daddy.

It was somewhat difficult for the girl to get it right, because Miss Molly Moo kept moving...but it's a good thing that she has wavy, textured hair, so it's not too noticeable.

She's pretty cute. She's pretty serious.
I love this little mugsy.

just wanted to share this, since it's 3:23 a.m. and I'm still up, crafting, organizing, pulling my hair out because, well, just because.

I will have to craft my subway framed art tomorrow (which is today) because it's pretty darn cute.
Then I found one that had the names of Christ...oh my.
I love all of the names of Christ.
The Lord Provides


good night.
err, good morning?
I dunno.


Anonymous said...

So, cute, but I still miss those cute braids. So glad that you captured them in photos. ;) Hope that you aren't pulling all of your hair out. It's so pretty.

Happy Friday, Tory

Anonymous said...

Love the pic of Miss Molly ! Wow with you up at that time, that's my 5:30 pm! We could've chatted :). Do you have skyPe? Can't wait to see all your crafty stuff! Hugs and early Merry Christmas from the chicken pox filled land of Wilhiteville. :) and Tory, MERRY CHRISTMAS. to you too!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Shellee! At least, I am assuming that it's you. ;) I certainly hope that you have a nice time with family and spoiling that precious little girl of yours.