Friday, December 30, 2011

long overdue...

almost forgot sweet Melanie.
Christmas at the Zoo on Dec. 21

The California kids. Duncan, 10, Charlie, 8 and Phebe, almost 6.

The Midwestern girls....Piper, 7 and Nora, 4.

More Midwesterners...Ethan, 15, Molly, 4, Levi, 9, Will, 17 and Melanie, 13. 

I love a group shot...gotta love that we are all looking at the camera!

Canal Fun on Christmas evening...

So the quality isn't fantastic but the fact that most of my parents grandkids are in this shot is pretty cool. Beck and I definitely felt the void of not having Jack in these pix. I love that she knows and voices exactly what I'm thinking. A nice addition he'd have we walk on, with JOY in our midst.

Let me explain...the flash on Beck's camera is blinding...she hadn't warned me to blink long before she hit the I think I'm partially blind here...

Andrew & Pheebs

Will with sibs and cousins

We were so glad to have Uncle John and Aunt Sherry with us to celebrate this year! Imagine the stories going around our table....with my dad and our uncle...never dull!

magical Jack tree...

We got Just Dance for the Wii. 

Mel and I with a giant (Jack) butterfly at the canal. yes, these pix are sadly out of order. 
Andy's kids at the Circle of Lights. We gave up by this time...

yeah, like I said, way out of order....canal fun.

Molly Moo



Nora Bean




Ethan, looking so grown up this year. man.


Andy loves a good dance session...

Phebe and Molly really got into this game...

Mom is ready to leave, too much Christmas "sauce" for this ol' Baptist girl. I joke.

I know you are jealousss of our animal lids...that's ok. Target and Kohl's...that's where you can get 'em.

the canal. one of my favorite spots in Indiana. this area to the right? three bushes? David and I sat here often during our fun to take our kids and family down there. such history.

speaking of my hubby, look at this agility...not bad for a guy that is close to turning 41.

Monkey boy Will. hanging from a bridge. 

My charming brother in law, Scottyboy

This pic was taken on 12/29 by my sister. Piper spent the night with us and Molly spent the night with Beck and fam. Beck said that the girls played together like champions. I love that they have each other. love it, love it!

Yes, it took me forever to get back on here...that whirlwind weekend is over, thankfully and now we are on to a new week and a new year!

Welcome 2012!

but in actuality, right now? I need to leave again because we are in Lafayette, IN and going to see where David and Tom will be working tomorrow and Wednesday. Until I can get back here later? see ya....


Anonymous said...

Yay, one more post before the New Year! What a gift. I was so hoping for one. Happy New Year to you, my cousin, as well as, Shellee and all of your family.

Happy 2012,

Tashena said...

Awesome to see all the photos... LOVE to see you all having fun.

Can't wait to see what the new year brings...

I got photo boxes tonight to start sorting thru the pics I told you about...come over - if you dare!!!


Anonymous said...

I love seeing the pictures of all the family and especially the Indy pics too! Wow, Andy's crew are growing fast.... So many fun memories of the canal in downtown Indy. Hope you all have a wonderful new year and had a Merry Christmas! So glad you can find JOY alwaysin your midst. Much love prayers and hugs, Shellee

PS Happy New Year to Tori too!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I spelled your name wrong Tory, my bad.....

Anonymous said...

Dear Laurie,

I sure do miss you and your great pictures! You are so amazingly awesome. I hope that I didn't do anything wrong to make you abandon me. Nor, do I hope that one of your New Year's resolutions is to not blog anymore.

I am so lonely and dying for stories and updates of the New Year. Please write soon.


Your Blog
(really, your cousin, Tory...but, I know that your blog feels the same! I just didn't want you to think that I hadn't noticed. teeheehee...Hugs...)