Saturday, December 3, 2011

round two of Christmas pic treasures...

we're losing it here...Molly's face.

see below for explanation. I do think I might have been pinching her here. I dunno...

I think I'm in total shock here...Molly, the one who will wet her pants 10 times a day, had to go to the bathroom. I tried to have her go on a towel (since we were nowhere NEAR a toilet here) and then resorted to telling her to just wet her pants. Yeah...nope, she was NOT going to hear of it. this was one of those moments, where I just had to laugh because I'd cry otherwise. ya gotta admit, she's pretty cute here...

after the bridge pix above, we ventured into the Indiana Gov't Building, and after getting scanned, Molly was able to use their restroom. I asked her in the stall if she could smile now and you should've seen that sweet freckled face light up. 

THIS just might be one of my favorites because Levi and Molly are looking in opposite directions. priceless.

Outside the Eiteljorg Museum. whatcha doin Levi?

funny stuff.

weathering the storms of life together...he's aging well, lovin' the little scruff he has going on. I need help. 2012 will be my year (besides that, this is my last year in my 30's so I shall get myself on track, physically, spiritually, mentally)

I think David was supposed to hold his side of the O and I was to hold the other. we can't even follow directions. ha ha.

even though the evening sun was setting and creating shadows, I be lovin' this picture. love it!

Molly's got the JOY JOY JOY JOY ...

Mel's school pic 11-12

Will's school pic 11-12

Ethan's school pic, 11-12. He's a natural. He also got his hair cut very shortly TODAY. nice. he has great, thick hair though. We haven't figured out how to grow it out and get past the funk stage.

Levi's School pic 11-12. funny kid. 

Molly's pic 11-12. Pre-K

love this gaggle of kiddos.

watch me now...


David thought this scenario up all on his own...he's a hoot.

Old Man Winter...

...has stinky breath


Anonymous said...

Well, I am sure that you know what I am going to say, but I LOVE all of the pictures. You guys are so creative and manage to bring JOY to my day whenever I look here. We are just getting ready to go to a Christmas party that I really don't want to go to, but having read your blog, I am now ready to fight the dragons! You are a good example.

I read on Facebook where Mel is sick. Hope that she feels better soon.

Hugs, to you on this 3rd day of December, Tory

Tashena said...

Though I am in tears, I can still type a quick post...

I concur with Tory - I LOVE the pictures! My favorite is the children alone w/ "JOY" - absolutely stunning!!!

Wishing you a peaceful evening this Saturday! Miss you.


Brittany said...

Love the pics! Miss Molly looks stinking ADORABLE in that outfit! Love so many of them for so many reasons.