Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quick trip to northern Indiana...

these two crack us up.

so do these two.


Becky, I thought you were in this pic. hmph.
crazy girl.

this girl is notorious for jumping in front of a person taking pictures. YOU make me laugh, Beck.

Molly's curls' last visit to the beach...

this is sadly outta place...but this is from the same trip...David and his cousin, Brent, who just happens to live near the Michigan City rest he came to work. (David puts everybody to work, watch out!)

Ok, back to the beach, David skipping stones.

pretty gurlz

this seems vaguely familiar.

that is some seriously cold water...

wouldn't be a trip to the beach without a self-portrait...

There are about a gazillion Windmills just north of Lafayette....this is on our drive back down 65 and yes, I was driving when I took these. but I got into the driving lane so I could go The mills are so cool and strangely spooky. yah for wind energy!


Tory said...

Yikes, Ethan's got something growing out of his head! Funny picture...maybe that's what drove Moo to cut her hair?! Good to see ya'lls fun times. Now, I can live vicariously. Hope that you are doing well, cuz!

Laurie and company said...

that's his new 'do, like it? I didn't even notice, my observant cousin!
we are all doing well...just busy beyond come NO ONE warned me that when they hit teen years, that the pace would triple, quadruple..?
How are YOU? how is school? are you almost done for spring?

Tory said...

Yeah, I think people don't tell you those things because a) they want everyone else behind them to suffer like they did...b)figure that you wouldn't believe them anyway...and c)love grandbabies so much that they will do anything to get them.

Oh, and it doesn't help that your husband seems to be as energetic as they, you get it from all sides, it looks like.

I am doing well, but just barely keeping up with everything that is going on right now. And, I don't even have kids...what would I ever do? This spring weather is lovely, and we even have our garden in already. I am so excited. Although, it has made my spring/cabin fever worse. Just want to bang on the drums all day...teehee...seriously, I don't want to be writing three 20 page papers. Well, I guess that I should stop procrastinating and get back to work.

Hope that you are well and having a nice Spring, too. Nice to chat a wee bit during your busy time.