Monday, April 26, 2010

Greek cuisine, chocolate decadence and friends we haven't seen since before they had their first kid 16 months ago!

I do believe that John was putting the bear's paw in his mouth...and David is pretending to have the bear eat his crown...(as usual, these pix are slightly out of order)

this is the belly dancer that entertains the guests at Santorini's. The food was really good and the atmosphere was festive and boisterous.

this is our waitress, Denise...and the flaming cheese...forgot the name...Spanakopita? help me.

David was really enjoying the dancing gal...she was actually getting on my nerves (j/k)...I like to see my hubby laugh like this.

John and Wendy are LOADS of fun...Wendy is tiny, so when we take our 4 person self portrait, she usually gets swallowed up. We had a blast guys, thanks for the fun evening!!

I'm kind of at a loss for what to say...I think after the past whirlwind week, I'm just fried.

Seems like things around the place are falling apart...the people are hanging in but the house and vehicles are causing, er, trouble...van tire was flatter than a pancake Saturday morning before soccer. ha ha. joke's on us...jump in the Rendezvous. Our shower handle is broken clean I must resort to using the lower level bath...which is actually the kids' bath. so ewww. (Van got two new tires today, before Daveyboy left us for the week. whatta guy. Shower repair on tap)

All that to say, I'm realizing how comfortable we are. to be able to have a vehicle to transport us when the main one is fritzing or another shower to bathe in when the main one goes ka-pow...I'm very thankful for my husband...he is so good at taking care of us and making sure there is a back-up plan. Thanks David. You are non-stop and taking care of business...the kids and I appreciate you.

Aside from the appreciation I feel for my husband, this is quite a boring post...

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Cyndy said...

Ooh Santorini - YUM!! The flaming cheese is called 'saganaki'. Love, love, love that place!