Tuesday, April 20, 2010


We took our Flat Stanley's down to the canal. Aunt Nan is a Kindergarten teacher in MI and her class sent Beck's kids and our kids a Stan to take pix by a cool landmark or area in our town...we, of course, chose the canal and the NCAA. those places are close to our hearts.

hanging out on the sculptures

yet again...

there is an amazing rolling hill by the Indpls water company...I'm sure we looked silly but man, was it fun to throw oneself down the hill. wow!

this is Beck at the end of the hill...I didn't post my pix...my pants were falling down so...

be back later with more...working on vocabulary and getting ready to head up to Mich City tomorrow...overwhelmed!

Well, we had an awesome, uplifting time with David & Vince in Michigan City. I won't go into all the details now...I'll try to get some of the pix posted of that particular job...

Until then...adios. I'll be back with more posts...can't help myself.

Happy Monday to you!

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