Friday, April 30, 2010

last day of April I tell ya..

Photobooth never ever gets old.

Molly's face. o my. I think she has the biggest nearly 3 year old mouth I've ever seen. and with that short hair. sheesh...a head only a mother could love.

As we embark on a new month, let us pause and look back on this fourth month of 2010...

ok. good. I'm done.

gotta go mow, mow, mow...after the fright endured this morning whilst painting cedar on front of house...Mr. Biggy Spider caused me to shave 4 good years off of my life. There's also a bird nesting up in our porch rafters. I mean, whaddya do?

Hope your weekend is intriguing...with soccer, recitals, church, hang time with our MIA hubby/dad, I know ours will be! God Bless YOU!


Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie! happy MAY! Titus will be 6 tomorrow, wow, time goes fast! I just wanted to tell you how absolutely beautiful I think Melanie is, she is so pretty!

Molly is a cutie, she looks as lively as my twins are....if so....I know to pray for you more, lol :)

((hugs)) Shellee

Laurie and company said...

Happy May to you too, Shellee!!! Can you believe Titus will be 6? what # is he in the line up of W men?

Thanks for the Mel compliments...she is beautiful inside and out...which seems to be kinda rare these days...we are blessed with sweet spirited Mel. I bet Molly would have fun stirring up trouble with your twins! :) I so appreciate those prayers.

We continue to pray for you and yours, friend...loved the most recent prayer letter. Thank you for keeping us on your list.

Hugs, and love in Christ, L

Anonymous said...

Hi laurie!

Titus is #4.... I am quite sure Molly and the twins would be a blast....(along with the devestation that is usually left by such a blast, lol!)

Right now the twins favorite thing to do is to try to sneak outside to play.... it is never a dull moment for sure.... Happy Mother's Day!

Thanks so much for praying for us, we REALLY appreciate it! :)
((hugs and love))