Friday, January 29, 2010

Run for the fun of it...

Yup. That's what I'm doing again.

I was in a good rhythm before our Great Adventure last fall and it's taken me this long to find my stride...Ain't nothing gonna break it now...I dread it when I first start out...but once I run that first bit to get my heart rate up, I'm sold...the benefits have been super too.

My legs are changing shape and so is my upper body...wha?

Now, if I could get it to budge in my mid-section but according to my diet consultant, I'm down 7 and 1/4 inches...

So, I'll keep running. And I'll keep lifting those weights. Thank you, YMCA. You are my friend.

That's what I was doing tonight when E and Mel were at Kaleo. Will stayed home with the #4 and #5. Thanks Will. I really do appreciate the diversion, getting out of the house to get my cardio.

My kids are so cool! My husband is too. I'll blog about him later...he's had a crazy busy couple of weeks...and I thank God that his heart is still beating. his eyes haven't completely bulged out of his head either. In case you kids read this post, please know that I love you all so much, as a whole and individually. We'll get those individual date days going.

Happy Friday! Hope your weekend is fantastic...

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