Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hairspray and other essentials

This is the shortest I've had may hair in umm, forever....



Howdy y'all!

A few updates for my posterity's sake:

~things are going well with D's business...almost too well and the overwhelming in's and out's that go along with running one's own business are getting to my dear man. more on that later.

~I got a major hair cuttin' and colorin'. Can you say pinkish red? yeah, that's what I'm saying. and I love it. my days of old lady blues and pinks are here. The only down side to majorly color treated hair? I burned a bit of it with my flat iron...yikes. it'll grow out quickly, right?

~The kids and I are staying at a hotel on the north side of Indy while David works like a mad man at a local hospital install he's doing! A nice little change of scenery from the winter drudge right now. Plus, Drury Inn's are one of our favorites - great breakfast, amazing late afternoon/early evening snacks, which are more like dinner than snack, nice pool areas. My sis and her girls are joining us tonight and we are looking forward to a little family down time! I am thinking there will be some great photo ops there!

~And for the sports fans out there, we were pumped (thanks to the loyal support of my sis and her family) to watch the Colts win the AFC Championship against the NY Jets on Sunday night...and now they will head to the Super Bowl vs. the New Orleans Saints....Ethan is really excited and he may be our first Colts fan in our immediate clan! We aren't all that in to sports, per se, but it's hard not to jump on the ol' blue and white bandwagon with Beck and Scott around...Beck even knows about the plays and rules. Impressive!

~Off to piano lessons and a quick visit with my lovely, intelligent friend and amazing curriculum queen, Charmaine!

Hope this finds you and yours warm and healthy! Peace...


velvet said...

LOVE the new hair!! you are rockin' it!!!

Tory said...

Velvet stole my thunder...I do LOVE the new hair. Too cool! As for using a straight iron on color treated hair, do you use a protectant for it? You can use hairspray that helps, but then, it gunks up the straightener. Several brands have a straight iron protectant that is like a hair spray, but it allows some of the heat to disapate before touching the hair...CHI makes a really good one...and, I am sure there are some "non-salon" brands that you can find anywhere. Just thought that I would throw that out there. Sure sounds like you are having fun...one more time that I wish we lived closer...sounds like a party! Take care, and have a good time at the Inn,


Brittany said...

We stayed in the Drury on NYE. It was AWESOME!

Laurie and company said...

Britt, we LOVE the Drury...stayed in them whenever we could from here to CA! which Drury did you stay in? the one in Champaign? (we've stayed in that one)

thanks girls for your encouraging comments. love you all!