Friday, January 15, 2010

Blessed to have you

My beautiful, amazing friends....

Christmas Day 2009

Summer 2009

Want to focus on two girls that have been an important part of my life for 1.) the last year and a half and 2.) the last 31 years of my life.

Tammy, there is no one like you. The Lord brought you into my life when I least expected it or thought I needed someone like you...

Levi was up sick allllll night Wednesday, which meant I was up all night with him. Poor fella. Didn't make for a very productive Thursday (though it did end up being a pretty fruitful day). This amazing lady made a double batch of cheesy potato soup & cornbread, braved trekking down our slick driveway on foot, to bring my family some sustenance for dinner. Really, who does this kind of thing? besides someone amazing and thoughtful, unselfish and caring. This is just ONE of the caring things this chick does.

We were blown away. Thanks, K family. Because, in the midst of our trying day, Tammy had taken two of her girls to get teeth pulled and other awesome things that fill up a homeschool mom's day. I love you, Tam! You are a definite gift from God. Thanks for making my life and the life of my family so much richer!

Becky boo, Beantzy, Peanut, whatever other horrible nicknames we gave know what I'm talkin' bout...

Shouldn't everyone have a sister like you? I think so. I take you for granted, that much is true. I just assume that not only will you always be around (and you'd better be), but that everyone I know has someone like you in their family or life.

You do things for me that no one else can...I mean, you've been with me for almost all of the babies' births (remember how scared we were of the "unknowns" surrounding Will's?), barely missing Molly's entrance because she came so fast. You were the person sniffing and crying on Mel's birth video when the midwife announced that we got our girl!...I'm so blessed to have shared that with you and to have been with you for Pipe's and Bean's deliveries.

So many good memories with both of you. I'm also so glad that you guys like each other! I love that we can all be goofy together. Priceless...

You know just how to make me laugh when I'm losing it and I love that we lose it together. I love that when we go places together, people actually think we are twins. ha ha. do we really look and sound that much the same? love it. I really do.

Thanks for bringing me three Hershey kisses when I most needed them yesterday. for that other stuff too! You rock. I love you, Beck.

I love my contemporaries fiercely. I am not perfect but I am loyal. I've got your backs. Thankful for the lessons learned over the past year...and praising God for HIS perfect wisdom in all things, including friendship. He knows that I need these females in my life...and He's given me some keepers!

I love you so much, Tammy and Becky!

(I'm getting to you, Mom!)


Anonymous said...

What a sweet and touching tribute! Hope you are having a wonderful wintery week there in Indy! It's VERY cold and snowy here. I thank the Lord for you Laurie!


Laurie and company said...

Shellee Lady,

Hey friend! I am so thankful for you too, dear friend. Do you have any prayer cards or is it on your site? We are making a prayer bulletin board for school and want to add your card. I'll figure something out if you don' pressure! I am not sure what happened to your last card but I am sure it's missing a boy or two! :)
Praying for you, hoping you are staying warm in your wintery Japan. God BLESS you today!

hugs to you and yours,