Friday, June 29, 2007

And yet more pool fun....

Eddie Munster and Elvis Presley... Mel's "bouffant"
Piper and Levi in their "house"

My lovely, nearly 8 mo. prego sis, Rebecca!
I know you all must be getting so tired of these pool pix...but it's pretty much the highlight of our lives right now. The boys gave themselves some big Elvis/Eddie Munster hair so they insisted that I take pics of their new 'do's. Mel did her version of the bad hair also.
Piper got to come down and hang with us on Wed. night...she did NOT like the pool, but we'll break her in eventually...she's young yet. Levi and Miss P. decided to play house in the lounge chair...which was pretty cute. Her and Levi have a good time together when she isn't trying to mother him or marry him. cute memories, for sure! We got to eat some yum delish Donato's pizza later that evening...wish I had taken pix of Piper eating that...she crammed her mouth so full and then, while trying to chew it, proceeded to mark her territory and move on to the next piece before Levi could "get it". classic.

I saw the midwife yesterday, dilated to two cm, forgot to ask if I was effaced at all...but I'm not feeling so hot today, baby's had hiccups all morning and I'm just plain ready to meet this child. I still predict that I will have this kid on July 4th but now I may change that up a bit and say I will have her by the fourth. I pray so...
Allright, time to nest...gotta get this place in ship shape so the baby can come...We'll be back...hopefully soon...

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Smooches, Kara said...

Oh my goodness!! I can't handle guilt trips from pregnant people!!! I read your comment and immediately put a new blog up!! I know when I am in trouble ;)

Girl you can't bore me with the pool fun!!!

Don't forget to get a fab pic with your sister and both your bumps!!!

p.s. you never shared your goodies from your shower :P