Thursday, June 21, 2007

Corn Dogs

Awww! Isn't this heartwarming? A rather horrific pic of Levi's mom but nonetheless, a pic of me...36 weeks and 5 days into my back off...:)
I saw this shirt of Levi's at The Children's Place the other day...and it screamed LEVI to me!! He LOVES this shirt! He truly is a little corn dog and that is what we love about him! Just a little update on him: He is potty trained - whoop, whoop! He is doing really awesome with that...he really seems to have turned a corner in his development in the last month or two...really comprehending what is going on, communicating and his personality is just too much fun. (Ask him about Bohemian Rhapsody...refer to it as the "mama song") Now, we will see how this all goes once the baby gets here...if we take some steps back or if he takes it all in stride. He rocks, I know that much! Levi, you are one awesome dude!
Onto other news, saw the midwife today, baby sounded good, nice, strong heartbeat...150's, good blood pressure, she guesstimates that this kid weighs about 6.5 to 7 pounds right now. I predict that I will have her by July 7th but my first guess is July 4th?? Why? dunno, just a hunch. I usually have my babies at about halfway thru my 38th week or so...I bet she is going to weigh 8 pounds. She is all head down and ready to go, very active still. Please pray for me, as I am a little uneasy this time around. I totally know what to expect as far as pain (and youch, does it HUUUUURT)...but with this being our first birth center experience, I feel a little lost..I actually have to pack a bag and make sure we have stuff with us. I'm excited but nervous. So, we covet your thoughts and many changes coming up. Allrighty, guess I will close for tonight. I'll be back with more pix later on this weekend. maybe. Peace!!


Smooches, Kara said...

That shirt is awesome!! I think Cameron needs it!!!
My heart is with you on these last few days til we get to meet our newest family member!! Stay strong SuperWoman ;)
I am home and getting my house in order and I am hoping that tonight is the night I get back to some blogging!!!
Love Ya!!

Smooches, Kara said...

excuse me!! I am craving some more then just Corn Dogs!! Where are you?
Probably out in your pool ;)