Wednesday, October 15, 2014

so much to update...where to begin?

I have so many pics and updates to post it overwhelms me.

I'll start here, with this pic of Will and Jack.

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. It also happens to be the day before my firstborn son turns 20. Twenty...can you say that with me?

Four years ago tomorrow, which also happened to be Will's 16th birthday, I took a test, rather giggly, excitedly, and was so so so thrilled when two lines appeared and I began imagining who our last member would be....

These days flood me with bittersweet memories. I am certain that I would not change a thing.

Thankful for our 20 year old and for our heavenly 3 year old....time is for us...I know.

In other news, our trip north to Spring Arbor/Jackson MI area for the Switchfoot concert last weekend was phenomenal. I don't think I can properly blog about it tonight but I will soon.

We got home late Sunday night and BAM..started our week out running...I had my testimony to record at our church at home about 2:15 or so.

About 15 min after that, Mel, who was exercising, comes to the top of the stairs and yells down "Mom, there's a lady here and she's not happy!!"

I hesitantly open the door and this....woman, begins flapping her arms at me, cussing me up one side, down the other that apparently I told her 6 and 11 year old children that I was going to shoot their ........ dog. (mind you, this is the same dog that was in our yard this past summer, baring it's teeth at me, growling and charging us. in our yard....and as I yelled at said dog to get out of my yard and go...this "woman" is moseying toward it, his name is Diesel by the way, with a chain around his neck...yelling at me to "shut up, lady,  I got him".....) I was floored and extremely freaked out. She was obviously intoxicated, on what, I am unsure, alcohol or meth...getting up in my face, telling me that I was calling her kids liars...blah blah blah. There was nothing grown up about this confrontation on her part...mature, adult-like or neighborly. I told her to get off of my porch and that I would probably call the sheriff, to which she replied.....go ahead and call the bleeping cops...bleep bleep....walking away, flapping her arms, screaming, was embarrassing for her. I hope she remembered it when she sobered up. oh my.....

sheesh. freaked out. feeling rather violated....she was plum crazy. To note, I couldn't even tell you who her children are....this is a lie and she would hear nothing of it. As Mel said, what was her plan if I'd said I did, in fact, tell her kids that I was going to shoot their dog....oh dear.

This world is NOT my home...listening to the news, hearing all the garbage, just plain causes me fits....and ya know, when I read something or hear someone talking about current events, I have to have a chat with the Lord and give it over...whatever happens here, well, it's all good.....

trying hard not to worry about the future...I need to cherish this day, the almost 20 year old in our house....his siblings, the gift we have to tread the earth and shine the Light of Jesus to all of those around us. thankful for friends that encourage, good health, memorable moments, meeting Switchfoot....

forgive this way too scattery post.

Happy 20th year, Will Franklin Young....
You are a pretty incredible young man.
Your dad and I love you immensely.

Keep your eyes fixed on eternal things....

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Duane and Shellee said...

Happy birthday, Will! I still vividly remember what an absolutely gorgeous baby he was!!! - he was too cute for words!! I'm right their with you on current events- hardly ever can stand to read "real" news anymore.

Love you my friend! I look forward to more posts in the future! :)