Thursday, October 30, 2014

well hello there!

Here I sit, at David's Young Final Finish shop in Beech Grove, IN...

We are being audited by the Bricklayer's Union once again (I hear this is very common, and when there aren't many people left in said union, I guess it was bound to come around to us again)


so in other more entertaining news...ummm, our 12th Annual Harvest Bash took place last Saturday night...couple things...

1.) We couldn't have ordered nicer weather for this yearly event. I mean, really, it was perfection!
2.) It was so much fun, the guests went above and beyond with costume participation.

I hope to have more pics on here soon...gotta go steal them from my brother's Facebook account. So, consider this photo credit when you see the pictures...Tom Greenhill, you took great pix!

David and I were silent film stars...not dead silent film stars as so many thought, we were just gray because we were supposed to look like we were in black and white. That was so much fun! Will was Jon Foreman from Switchfoot, Ethan was Keith Green (one of our favorite Christian musicians, who died at age 28 back in '82), Mel was a scarecrow, a cute one at that...Levi was Christopher Foyle, an investigator from the BBC show "Foyle's War", yeah, I know not many people would get it or know but we love that show...he was supposed to have a hat on but he kept telling me that he had "too much hair" and it was too hot. So I gave the hat to my dad for his 67th birthday. sheesh. Molly Moo was an angel, along with Nora and their friend, Maria.

We had such a wonderful time...

First Place winners were Natalie and Nick Shipman, Ryan and Sophie..for their rendition of Scooby Doo's gang (I'll def post a pics)

Second Place was Cathy Gluntz with her interpretation of Paula Deen (tv cook lady from the south)

Third Place was Austin Kitchen as the Phantom of the Opera.

There ya have it....I'll be back with more pics..lemme go snatch them from my bro....while I sit here and wait for this audit to finish.

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